You Are So Powerful

You are incredibly powerful.

When you want something, you go after it.

You get it.

You achieve it.

But maybe these days you are not feeling that way.

Because the weight of the world’s events are feeling heavy.

And what we are thinking creates our emotions.

Many of these emotions can be draining our sense of power.

But we still have this power within.

We have the capacity to be powerful, even in these times.

Power is simply the ability to do something or act in a particular way.

This definition of power implies is that we have to know what that something or particular way of acting is that we want.

Acting powerfully means we know what we want and are taking deliberate action to get it.

Therefore, knowing what we want is prerequisite.

I created this acronym for POWER which has helped me get clear on finding and living in my power.

P- Progress

O- On

W- What’s

E – Essential and

R – Requisite

When it comes to your life, what is essential or extremely important to you?

Maybe it’s taking care of your kids or others.

But what is essential for you?

Your health?  Your wealth?  Cutting back on drinking?  Your contribution to the world?

Once you define your essentials, then you can focus on the requisites, or what is necessary for accomplishment.

The requisites provide the path or steps to reach your essential goals.

If the essentials are your what, then the requisites are the how.

If it is essential that you cut back on drinking, then you have to define what that means for you.

Are you someone who drinks only when they are with someone else?  Out and about?  Or does that include when you have company over at your house?  Is there a limit on the number of drinks you will have?

First define what you want.  With great clarity.

Then the path to that goal becomes apparent.

You have the ability to act in a particular way.


Keep your power and don’t give it away.

It’s a skill you can develop.

It takes practice.

You get more of what you practice in life.

Get it.

Go after it.

You are powerful.

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