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You have all the amazing things in life but you still feel like something is missing.  There’s a void inside.  Whether you use alcohol or food or other external pleasures, it’s never enough.  You keep wondering what is missing while overdrinking or overeating.  My coaching programs help you break the habitual cycles that keep you stuck.  You’ll learn the steps to help you feel amazing again!

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Drink Less Lifestyle is a personalized coaching program that empowers you with skills and tools to change your relationship with alcohol. Become a woman who has her power back and can take it or leave it.
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EpicYOU is a group coaching program for women who want to show up more powerfully – with more love in their marriages, clarity in their choices, and more fun and joy in their lives!

How to Get Your Off Button Back is an online program that teaches you exactly how to break the overdrinking habit and get your “off button” back! Taking back control on  your own terms is absolutely possible. 

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