Why Did I Do That?

Monday morning after the Super Bowl.

The morning after the parties with festive food and lots of alcohol.

Are you feeling on your game today?

Not if you’ve over done it.

Your head hurts.

Your body feels off.

Your brain and body feel sluggish.

And the questions start up like “Why did I do that”?

You know the consequences of over doing it.

It’s happened before.

You know the story from beginning to end.

You know how it starts and how it ends.

None of it is a surprise.

But we act like it is each time we do it.

We ask questions like “Why did I do that”?

Great question.

What’s your answer?

Do you know?

We often ask questions but don’t answer them.

The brain moves on to something else.

We are left with the same unanswered question.

The solution is in the answer.

Why did you do it?

Do you like your answer?

Be willing to find out.

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