We Love Accomplishments!

There’s no denying it – we love accomplishments.

Why?  Because the brain gets a hit of dopamine.

It feels good and we like to feel good.

Feeling good motivates us to “accomplish” more.

Bring on the to-do’s.

Bring on the task list.

It’s a cycle.  And it’s how we learn to overwork because the “dopamine hit” feels so good.

The “dopamine hit” leads to overworking.

We can even take pride in being a workaholic.

That we are better because we “get things done”.

The same reward cycle is in play with a drinking habit.

We are after the “dopamine hit”.

And it leads to overdrinking.

But most people don’t take pride in overdrinking.

When it comes to learning how to cut back, most people shy away from it.

Only because THEY don’t feel they can accomplish it.

They feel they failed at it too many times before.

They look to their past to determine their future.

They try the same tactics (no alcohol for a week!) and wonder why it doesn’t last long term.

They think they have to give it up alcohol completely.

Bottom Line: They don’t BELIEVE that this is something that can be accomplished.

It’s NOT about the time is takes.

It’s probably NOT about the money (because you save so much money over the years to come as you drink so much less).

It’s NOT about the lack of motivation (I’ve helped plenty of unmotivated women).

I would suggest dropping all the lies and focus on the truth.

It’s really about you not believing you can accomplish it.

But you’re dead wrong.

You CAN accomplish it.

In less than 90 days.

If you want to know how I can show you.

It’s all backed by science. It’s proven.  And it works.

I’m going to give you the facts on how to do it.

In my How to Stop Overdrinking In Just 90 Days Masterclass.

Join me this Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 4pm PT/ 5pm MT/ 6pm CT/ 7pm ET.

Only if you are ready to accomplish this.

Click here to register (registration is limited).

I’ll be sharing with you my proven process and how it has worked for my clients.

Accomplish something healthy for yourself by Christmas.

It could be your best gift to yourself ever.


PS – Want to talk one-on-one with me about how my programs are helping women change their relationship with alcohol? Schedule a free consultation HERE.

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