Treating Yourself This Month

Happy December!

It’s the last month of the decade.

How will you be treating yourself this month?

Most people will choose to overindulge this month.

More food and more drink at family dinners, social events, and parties.

Our brain wants “to try” this cookie and that cocktail and “just a small piece” of that pie.

Oh, and pass the egg nog.

The brain thinks “this is what we do” this time of year.

Automatic habits will kick in.

We will eat until we are stuffed.

We will drink because it is offered or because everyone else is drinking or because we just want it.

We have conditioned our brain for over-desire.

Then, we get upset with the weight gain, the low energy, the crappy hangovers/mornings, and the bills.

We will just put off thinking about it until January.

But why wait?

Why continue to reinforce the habit you want to change?

Why not live full of pep and energy now and learn how to treat your body with goodness and love?

Learn to say no to the extra egg nog.

Learn to stop after 1 cocktail or drink.

Honor your body and mind.

And feel great now and in January.

Peace, love and joy is an inside job my friends.

You can learn to stop outsourcing it to food, drink, and overspending.

That’s what I call a Merry Holiday Season.

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