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Blast Belly Fat and Get Tone!

Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat!

Having trouble losing weight?  Did you hit a weight loss plateau?  As a woman over 40, our bodies and hormones change.  Tone in 10 teaches you how to burn STUBBORN belly fat and become your FIT and TONE self.

Get Fit and Fabulous!

You’ll be guided through the 5 key principles that work for improving your body composition while optimizing your health.  Tone in 10 focuses on the healthy habits that have the MOST impact on losing weight and improving your health so you can look and feel your best!

When You Improve Your Habits and Metabolic Health, You Become Stronger, Feel Slimmer, and Enjoy Life More!

Burn Fat and Get Tone in 10 Weeks!

10 Healthy Habits You'll Practice

This is a total mind and body transformation!

Weight Loss is a Lifestyle!

Here's What You'll Get

10 Habit Guides To Banish Belly Fat and Improve Muscle Tone

You’ll receive weekly Habit Guides that give you protocols to follow and what to measure that leads to your success.  These are simple, easy-to-follow guides that break down the exact steps to take and why so you can become fit, lean and strong.

Weekly Scorecards For Tracking Success

You’ll get a quick 1-pager tracking sheet to you can track your progress and see your results add up over time.

Exclusive Community Access For Daily Support

You get daily accountability, motivation and support from Dr. Sherry Price and her team as well as other women who are committed to leveling up their health and becoming fit and strong.

Six (6) Zoom Calls

You’ll get access to our group Zoom calls held every other week on Tuesdays at 12pm PT throughout your journey.  All replays will be made available if you cannot attend live.

Program Valued at $7,000+

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Become Stronger, More Tone, and Healthier
in just 10 weeks!

Enroll Now. 

Benefits You'll Experience Inside Tone In 10

Decreased Belly Fat

Greater Clarity and Focus

Boosted Self Confidence

Enhanced Muscle Tone

Improved Sleep Quality

Increased Energy Levels

Blast Belly Fat and Take Your Health to the Next Level

Create Lasting Change

This isn’t a fad diet.  It’s about getting your macros and habits dialed in.  When you incorporate these habits and protocols into your life, you”’ achieve fat loss and a more toned body.  These are habits you’ll incorporate for life.

Simple Actionable Steps

Each week, you’ll know exactly what to do and have accountability.  Whether you want a slimmer waistline, improved strength and muscle tone, or simply improve how you look and feel, this program empowers you with the tools to succeed.  

Improve Your Metabolic Health

Simple lifestyle changes make ALL the difference on your health.  Stop waiting for things to change and start taking action and moving the needle on your health goals!

Prioritize YOUR Health Goals Today!

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