Time to move on to podcasting

Time To Move On

There are points in your life when you feel it’s time to move on.

Maybe you’re sick of your current path or maybe you just feel that you want a change.

It was both for me with my overdrinking.

I was sick of “rewarding myself” with one too many drinks and feeling like crap.

I craved a change to this constant behavior I did.

I wanted to move on.

And develop a healthier relationship with myself and with alcohol.

Then I learned HOW to do it.  And even better, I learned how to maintain it.

I’m 3 years into my new relationship with alcohol.

I feel great and don’t overdrink.  I drink only on my terms.   No one else’s.

100% in control.

And now it’s time to move on, again!

This is the last blog post I’ll be doing as I have moved on to the world of podcasting.

I love having the written word (my podcast is transcribed) and an audio version available with concrete lessons to learn how to attain a Drink Less Lifestyle.  You can learn more about my podcast by clicking here.

It’s a new and fun way to connect with women and provide even more value!!

I’m also launching a new program that will be available soon.

It’s some of my finest work yet.

The women that have been through the new program LOVE it.

It’s fun to move on. Don’t let your brain tell you otherwise.

Amazing things happen when you can let go of the past and your excuses.

The future becomes so much more attractive.

And you feel more alive.

Cheers to moving on!



PS – If you’re interested in learning more about how my coaching programs can help you lead a Drink Less Lifestyle, CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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