The most useless way to spend your money

The alcohol industry is a two hundred and forty billion dollar a year behemoth (yes, $240 BILLION) – with one goal and one goal only:

Convincing you that you need alcohol.

You need alcohol to celebrate, relax, connect with friends, be social, fit in, escape your feelings, be on vacation, take the edge off, stop yelling at your kids, deal with your in-laws or your boss or a bad day, make the night special, etc.

After all, drinking is what adults do.

At 21, it’s a rite of passage.

What worked for us in our 20’s might not be working for us in our 40’s and 50’s. Forgetting conversations and overdoing it is downright embarrassing.

Let’s not even talk about texting while drinking. Generally, I recommend against it as it never sounds as good the next day despite what we thought in the moment.

At this point in my life, the alcohol industry isn’t doing me any favors. Not to my skin, my self-esteem, my weight, my ability to make good decisions, or feel good about my habits.

And more alcohol ISN’T better.

More drinks doesn’t equal:

  • more fun
  • more relaxation
  • a better vacation
  • a better sex life
  • more happiness

That’s complete hogwash because what actually happens to me when I overdrink is:

  • More moodiness (especially the day after)
  • More belly bloat
  • More stress and anxiety (that leads me to think I need more alcohol to treat it)
  • More disconnected from myself and my values, and
  • Disappointment on how I’m living this one precious life

I was done with what our culture was selling me.

And I was done wasting my money on the fleeting fantasy that life was better when I had a buzz.

But it wasn’t until I learned how to actually reprogram the endless thoughts around alcohol that I was truly able to break free.

I’m no longer buying into the $240 billion industry.

How about you?


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