The First Step To Create Change

Acceptance is a prerequisite for change.

When we look at our life, we may see areas we don’t like.

Areas that need improvement or an overhaul.

We have to admit/accept we have a problem as the first step.

But what most people do is look at it and then quickly dismiss it.

Like closing the lid on a box so we don’t have to see it and deal with it.

We don’t want to accept that part of us or feel the pain and disappointment.

It is easier to excuse it away and ignore it.

We say things like “I will get to cutting back one day” or “It’s not that bad of a problem”.

We are not wanting to really pursue change.

We rather not think about it.

But the problem doesn’t go away and it actually grows bigger.

Two drinks at night becomes 3.

Ten pounds to lose becomes 20.

And it gnaws at us all this time.

It erodes our feeling of self-worth.

Change doesn’t just happen.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

So how does one go about change?

First, we must start with acceptance.

Not guilt, shame, or frustration as that does not motivate us to want and stay with the change.

But acceptance does.

When you give yourself permission to accept what is, you are able to make peace with it.

This does not mean you like it, but now you are no longer fighting with yourself.

When you move into acceptance, the brain shifts and starts to consider making a change.

The brain stops fighting what is and moves on to what’s next.

Change becomes inevitable.

The brain wants it.  Then the brain seeks it.

And behavior change starts to happen.

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