The Adult Pacifier

I often refer to alcohol as the adult pacifier.

It’s like we can’t relax or turn off our minds without this method to self-soothe.

Whether we are unhappy or stressed or bored or just not wanting to feel something we’re currently feeling, we can turn to alcohol to escape it all.

Instead of learning healthy coping mechanisms which take time and effort to develop, we take the easy route and just drink it all away.

We turn to alcohol to turn down our crankiness or unhappiness like a baby needing a pacifier.

But where does all this self-soothing with alcohol leave you?

It leaves you tolerating these circumstances by numbing or escaping them, rather than fixing them or changing them.  Or learning to change your response to them.

It leaves you with the same emotions to deal with the next day.  The same feelings that will make you feel stuck and more drinking will reinforce the habit cycle.   Not only that, you’ll feel worse (because alcohol is a depressant and due to all it’s other negative effects) as it compounds the problem(s).


Alcohol is NOT a:

  • -Fire Extinguisher – it does not put out our emotions or problems for good
  • -Band-Aid – it does not help us heal things that need to be healed and addressed
  • -Magic Elixir – it’s a quick-acting, short-term numbing agent and sedative, but it’s a long-term productivity killer, energy suck, money pit, and goal stealer that causes memory loss (among other health issues).


Self-medicating by overdrinking doesn’t deal with the root of what is causing the stress and anxiety.  It just perpetuates the habit and the misery.

This habit cycle can be broken.

We can ween ourselves off the adult pacifier and find true bliss again.



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