Our Emotional State

People are scared.

There is a palpable sense of panic, fear, and worry around us.

We are glued to the news.

Things are changing….fast.

We are worried of what’s to come.

It doesn’t feel good because our brains like comfort, the familiar, and when things are predictable.

And now we are presented with uncertainty, unpredictability, and changes from the norm.

Our primitive brain is on alert.

Fear. Worry. Panic.

These emotions can paralyze us.

These emotions can lead us away from our good habits to other things we don’t want to be doing such as ruminating, buffering with excess alcohol or food, over-shopping, procrastinating, complaining.

Our emotions cause our actions.

Fear and worry can zap our energy and steal our joy, if we let it.

And we begin to dismiss and overlook all that is working and going well and all that we have.

In every situation, there are opportunities.

To learn from our humanness.

To understand ourselves so we can better understand and help others.

And, just maybe, that’s what life is all about.

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