No More Complaining

Take a listen to your inner and outer talk.  

What does it say?

Most people find that when they listen to the words they think and say, much of it is complaining.

I can’t cut back on my drinking.
I am not motivated to go to the gym.
I can’t seem to lose weight.
I have a hangover again.
It would be easier if …..
I am so stressed/anxious.
My life is in chaos right now because……
We think we are just stating the facts. 

We think and feel these are the facts of our lives.

I have good news.

They are not the facts.

They are the stories we create about our lives.

When we think this way, we create a feeling.

And the feeling leads to the action of complaining.

It goes back to the think – feel – act cycle.

Your thoughts determine how you feel and your feelings determine how you act.

Think – “I can’t cut back on my drinking”
Feel – Defeated
Action – Drink and complainAnd the result is you don’t cut back on your drinking.

Complaining gets you more of what you don’t want in your life.

It keeps you stuck on your story (which is not a fact).

I help my clients see the stories THEY create that aren’t the facts of their life.

Seeing this allows the brain to stop the spin and move towards taking action to get what we want.

Many of us think if we complain that will motivate us to change.  

Does it?

Are you still complaining about the same things as last week?  Last month? Last year?

Complaining is generally counter-productive.
If you don’t complain, you get more done, feel better and find better solutions.

You upgrade and uplevel your life.
Consciously managing your mind is the BEST SKILL you can develop as a human.

When you can manage your mind, you can create the actions and results you want.

You go after the results that are most important to you.

I dare you to a challenge.

Do a 10-day “no complaining” challenge.

For some, it could be one of the most difficult things to do.

But if you stop complaining, the brain can go to work fixing what it doesn’t like.  

Small brain hacks can make a HUGE difference.

What do you have to lose by trying?
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