My 6am Self vs. My 6pm Self

Do you feel you have 2 versions of yourself?

Or 2 different mindsets/personalities?

I did.

My 6am self would wake up feeling less than optimal because I drank too much the night before.


I would think “This has got to stop” and “Today is the day I am going to cut back on my drinking.”

I was 110% committed.

Even more committed than the day before.

I was optimistic and determined about the new day and becoming a person without a daily drinking habit.

My goal felt as good as done in that moment. I would finally be successful at this.

Fast forward to the end of my workday, to my 6pm self.

Those initial thoughts of cutting back were now not so strong.

In fact, the 110% commitment from the morning was waning to more like 0%.

And I felt like having a drink…100%.

My desire was at 100% for a drink.

So I tell myself I will just have 1 drink and that means I am still cutting back.

Actually, no more than 2 drinks tonight and that is still cutting back.

In the moment, that seems reasonable and totally doable.

I am giddy pouring and having that first glass of wine.

And I am thrilled to have the next.

Until the end of the 2nd glass.

Then, somehow, the wine bottle is empty.

What happened to my 6am self?

Was I nuts?

I felt bipolar with my thoughts.

I felt like I couldn’t make up my mind.

This cycle was driving me crazy.

Alcohol was in control and not me.

Each. Darn. Night.

How can I make this stop?

What worked for me was learning that my thoughts and my mindset control my feelings and actions.

It was by changing my mindset that my drinking habit changed.

Over my years of drinking, I had programmed my brain to love drinking.

My brain was thinking (subconsciously) how much I needed and wanted alcohol at night.

It became “what I did” and that became my norm.

Learning the tools to manage my mind has been a total life changer for me.

Every area of my life got better from my relationships, to my self-esteem and confidence, to my health and weight.

Once you learn how to manage your mind, you can change your actions and behaviors for good.

That’s the best news ever.

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