I find this word to be misused in certain contexts.

We talk about managing things in life.

Managing a career, the kids, the bills, our calendar, our time, the pandemic.

But we actually don’t have the authority to manage as many things as we say we manage.

We live with illusion of being able to managing things.

And this is propagated in our society.

Take for instance, time management.

We can’t manage time – we get the same block of hours each day (and we have no idea when our end of time on this earth will come).

We can plan to do something or not do something in a certain block of time.

But this is not the same as time management.

Time can’t be controlled. 

You can’t force time to do things or to slow down or to speed up.

You only control what YOU do, or don’t do, in that time.

It’s self-management.

In these uncertain times, how are you managing yourself?

You may think that “time” is the problem to manage.

Most of us look at our time and “feel” we have more of it.

It can “feel” like you have more time (not commuting to work, less outside responsibilities).

But it is the same number of hours in the day as before.

It comes down to what you are doing or not doing in those hours.

The question is, “What do you want to be doing with those hours”?

Overeating, overdrinking, overshopping?

Or cleaning out a closet, organizing the garage, making masks, or creating bonding moments with those you love?

Time isn’t what needs to be managed.

It is learning to manage yourself.

That starts with managing your mind.

It is the MASTER skill to learn to live your best life.

To not overdrink.

To not overeat.

To create the life you want and enjoy.

You have all the time you need.

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