Internal Dialogue

Have you tuned into your internal dialogue?

It may be roaring loud these days as you are making changes to your eating and/or drinking habits.

What is it saying?

Is it supporting your efforts or is it leading you back to your old comfortable ways?

It is most likely the latter.

See, our brain has great ideas, but it has to overcome the inertia of the body.

If the body was previously at rest, it wants to stay at rest (Newton’s First Law of Motion anyone?).

If the body is used to being fed alcohol predictably and without quantity limits, it will want to be in that place again.

It will kick and scream and fight to go back to the old way.

It will feel like you are at odds with yourself.

And that is the way it happens.

You have to go through the process of shedding the old you to put on the new.

You have to keep your brain on the forward motion and not allow it to slide back.

When you do this consistently, your body will begin to experience a new normal.

That’s when the fight will quiet down.

And the process becomes easier and easier.

The problem is when we see the struggle as something that shouldn’t be there.

We rather it be effortless.

But that’s not how it works.  Ever.

Embrace the struggle, the effort, and all of it.

Once you accept what is, then you gain power and control and momentum.

You don’t waste your valuable energy in the fighting.

Fighting is self-defeating.

Stop fighting and start loving what is.

This changes the journey and lessens the struggle.

Embrace the change process.

And motivation begins to flow instead of being blocked.

Work with your mind, my friends.

It leads to easier and quicker results.

The choice is always yours.

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