I Want You To Be Happier

We drink because we think it makes us happier.

It takes the edge off. It helps us relax. It soothes us.

It’s the adult pacifier.

We suck on alcohol to improve our mood.

If that was TRUE, then why do we feel lazy, more moody, snippy, tired and blah after having too much?

Maybe you drink to keep the buzz going. What is “the buzz”?

It is numbness. It is being disconnected from yourself.

It is not happiness.

The fact is drinking more doesn’t make you happier

When you over-drink, you feel worse.

So why do you keep lying to yourself that this time will be any different?

Maybe you are stuck in the cycle – stuck in the habit of over-drinking.

Are you wanting to change your drinking habit so you can feel genuinely happier?

Happier that night AND the next day?

The solution is to change your thinking.

Stop believing the lies your brain is telling you.

If you dedicate yourself to changing your thinking and ending the control alcohol has over your life, you could be 92% happier in 30 days.

That’s what the data shows.

A study at the Royal Free Hospital of London by Professor Kevin Moore found these staggering results after a 4-week break from alcohol:

  • 73% were more productive
  • 74% reduced anxiety
  • 82% dramatically improved sleep
  • 92% were much happier

And participants lost 40% of their liver fat, experienced a 6 lbs weight loss, a 28% decrease in insulin resistance, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and experienced other health improvements.

If this was a pill, everyone would be clamoring for it.

It is not a pill – it is a mindset shift.

It is the mindset where alcohol is neutral to us again.

We can take it or leave it.

We don’t need it to self-soothe.

Actually, we don’t need it at all.

We choose it.

Selectively. On purpose. With control.

With grace.

Not with reckless abandon.

Not to get drunk.

Are you denying yourself more happiness?

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