I Have A Secret For You

Guess what?
I’m super excited because I’m launching my podcast Drink Less Lifestyle this week!

My message is that I firmly believe that for most people, drinking doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach.

This is a novel idea to our society.

There are two mainstream thoughts regarding habitual drinking. Either you’re drinking too much (severe-use syndrome) to be happy and need to stop completely or you’re not drinking enough to be happy (society) and more is better.

This is how we are conditioned to think about alcohol.
But science has shown that there is a third option. The one where your happiness is not determined by the amount of alcohol you drink.

This podcast is to support you where you are at so you can drink less and live the lifestyle you desire so you can feel like your best self.

Maybe you’re at 40 drinks/week and want to get to 20 drinks/week.

Maybe you’re at 10 drinks/week and you rather be a woman who drinks 4 drinks max/week.

Maybe you want to go from 4 drinks to zero.

Maybe it isn’t even the number of drinks, but it’s the number of days you are drinking.

Whatever it is, less is better.

The Drink Less Lifestyle podcast will provide insights on how to:

• End Drinking Shame
• Find Your Off Button
• Define You New Relationship with Alcohol
• Inspire and Equip you with tools to start living a Drink Less Lifestyle

Together, we’ll make drinking irrelevant to your happiness and find true joy again.


PS – Stay turned on how to win some amazing prizes too! COMING SOON.

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