Ep #145: Redefining Happy Hour

By: Dr. Sherry Price

Drink Less Lifestyle with Dr. Sherry Price | Redefining Happy Hour

When you’re trying to change your drinking habits, you might think happy hour is something you need to avoid.

If you go, you might assume that it means you must drink, and that’s not what you want.

So, you choose to stay home.

As humans, we want to go out and BE with other people. It’s fun!

What if you could learn to redefine happy hour?

Then you don’t have to decline those invitations. And you don’t have to overdrink or consume any alcohol at all if you don’t want.

Tune in this week to start redefining happy hour, so you have connection, fun, happiness, and freedom, whether or not there is alcohol in your glass.


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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why happy hour doesn’t have to mean overdrinking.
  • What people really want when they invite you over for happy hour.
  • How to redefine happy hour for yourself, so you can go out, connect, and have a ton of fun!


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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to the Drink Less Lifestyle podcast with Dr. Sherry Price, episode number 145.

Welcome to Drink Less Lifestyle, a podcast for successful women who want to change their relationship with alcohol. If you want to drink less, feel healthier and start loving life again you’re in the right place. Please remember that the information in this podcast does not constitute medical advice. Now, here’s your host, Dr. Sherry Price.

Well, hello my beautiful friend. I have been away and now I am back and I’ve missed you. Our family went on roughly about a little under a three week vacation to Europe. We started off in Spain, we were there for a couple of nights. Then we did a touch of France as I like to say and then we spent most of our time in Portugal and it was delightful. One thing that my family and I just really love is travel. We love taking long vacations. We love taking short vacations. We love taking any type of vacation.

So it was so nice to get away and I really enjoyed just experiencing different cultures, different ways of life. And when you’re out of your home environment and your daily things and your daily habits, it’s just such a beautiful time for me. I find that I have such deep journaling sessions and just these aha moments, revelations of things that I want to stop doing, things that I want to start doing. And so I am on fire for the second half of this year because there’s so much I want to pivot and create and do.

And I had an idea for an amazing new thing that I want to create for all of you. And so I am just so jazzed up about that. So stay tuned because I love just getting away from your environment, it just allows ideas to come to you. And a great time just to evaluate where you are in life. And I think that’s what I love so much about vacation, it just transports you to other times and just other experiences that you normally wouldn’t necessarily have if you stay in that one environment all the time like your house.

So I am back and I am jazzed up. And I have to tell you, when you go on vacation, I don’t know about you guys but I kind of just don’t really pay attention to intermittent fasting and really allow myself to indulge in more alcohol when I go away. Because that’s the part of life, I want these experiences. I like to mix things up. I like to experience new things, when it comes to food. And I just think the sangria is better in Europe.

So all that to say I am so excited to get back to my normal routine because there was a lot of times we went out for happy hour. And that is something I’m going to focus today’s podcast on. But before we get there, I want to let you know that I will be starting up the Intermittent Fasting 45 for women group on July 10th. Now, if you’ve not heard about my Intermittent Fasting 45 for women group, it was, the first time I launched it was a couple of months ago and it was amazing.

The results that the ladies got, so much weight dropped, so many habits changed, learning more about food and how our bodies respond to it especially as we go through perimenopause and menopause. And I really, really loved that first group of ladies. We had high energy going through it, lots of interaction, lots of great questions. And the best part is lots of great, great results. And so a few of you have been asking and emailing me, asking me when I will be launching that group again. And I am going to be launching it on July 10th.

So if you are interested in that you can go to my website epicyou.com and look for that program underneath the programs that I offer there. I know the first time around I shared a lot about my glucose meter that I had got, my glucometer. And really learned a lot about what spikes my glucose. And so this time I have a bit of a different way I’m going to be approaching it, for me and what I want to get out of these next 45 days. But I’m really excited because there’s some toning I want to do and some more fitness I want to do and I’ll be focusing a little bit on that too.

And I know this is a great time of year because I know many people put on weight over the summer. They’re going to barbecues, they’re doing all these things, they‘re meeting out, eating a lot, drinking a lot, And so this can be really a time that you can put the brakes on gaining weight and avoiding gaining weight over the summer. And so again, if this is something that interests you and you want to check it out and join us, feel free to come on over and join us. And you can find out all the information on my website at epicyou.com.

And I just have to say that after going through it the first time with the group of ladies, I’m going to be making some tweaks to this next launch of the program, so super, super excited about that, had some of those ideas come to me on vacation as well.

Alright, so for today’s topic I have had this podcast idea actually in my journal for, I want to say almost a year, the idea came to me but it was never the right time that it felt fully cooked, fully baked. And that I really wanted to expand upon it. So just so happens that going on vacation, going out for happy hour a lot, I’m like, “Yes, now is the time to be talking about this.” So I really want to talk about this happy hour concept because as a coach and in my coaching program I discuss this a lot with the women that I coach because it comes up.

People want to go out and be with other people. They want to meet up for happy hour or you may get asked to meet up at the bar or you may get invited over to someone’s house to say, “Hey, come on over for some drinks.” And so I know for a lot of people they think, I can’t go because if I go that means I will drink and I don’t want to drink. So they’re in this conundrum, I want to go, but I know if I go I’m going to wind up caving in and I’m going to wind up drinking.

And I just want to offer you some different perspective on this because I think it could be very helpful for your brain. We know that any type of addiction is really a mental disease or disorder, or it all stems from our head and the way we’re thinking about things. And so I just want to offer you a different way of looking at it so that you remain in control and you remain true to the person that you want to be. And that doesn’t mean you have to forgo these activities.

So as I was putting this podcast together in my mind I was thinking about that episode from Elf, Buddy the Elf, you know the Christmas movie Buddy the Elf.  And in there Will Ferrell was getting dating advice from his brother in the movie, Michael. And  he really got into the other elf at the store that they worked at, Gimbels. And so it’s like when he got advice on how to ask a girl out. They say, “So you go and ask them if they want to go out for food. That’s code for”, and he gives the big old wink.

That’s just like when somebody invites us over to their house for drinks or out for happy hour, “Hey, want to meet up at the bar?” That’s just code for I want to connect with you. Let’s go do something. But I think a lot of times when we’re in the habit of drinking we just think we automatically have to go and have the drinks. We don’t see that it’s code for let’s just meet up, let’s just connect, let’s just go hang out. Because we know it’s not about really the food. It’s not really about the drinks.

For most people who want to meet up with us it’s because they enjoy us, they enjoy our company, they enjoy chatting with us, they enjoy being with us, they enjoy connecting with us. And you can create all of that connection without putting things or certain things or certain toxins in your mouth. We can do it with just water, we can do it with nothing, we can do it with just creating connection through conversation. Really that’s what it is, it’s listening to people, talking to people, understanding people, having a good time with people.

And look, I want you to say yes to all those things because those things lead to a healthy and epic life. The most depressed people are people that don’t have good connections in their life. They don’t have meaningful relationships. They don’t have people they can reach out to who truly understand them and know them and see them and experience them. So when we’re meeting up with people for happy hour it’s just a way to connect with others regardless if there’s alcohol in our glass or not or regardless if we’re eating or not.

Because I know a lot of people listening to this podcast, it’s just not about the alcoholic. It’s also about the amount of food they consume or the type of food they consume that they go on to have later regrets over. And so just think, if somebody invites you to something, that’s nice, that’s wonderful that somebody wants to spend time with you. Or it could be and let’s be honest, it could be that people just are bored and they just want to go and hang out and they want to have something to do in a different environment.

They want a change of surroundings and they don’t want to do it by themselves because they know it will be more fun or more or more entertaining to have somebody there with them. And by all means, I just went on vacation because I wanted a change in surroundings. I wanted to experience something new, something different. I wanted to expand my mind. I wanted to experience something that I haven’t experienced yet. And so when we’re looking at happy hour, we don’t have to always be so focused on the alcohol, so focused on what’s on the happy hour menu because that’s really not the true reason we’re getting together.

Nobody walks away from at the end of happy hour when you’re saying your goodbyes, you’re not saying, “Gosh, I’m so glad we got together and saved that extra $4.” No. It’s just a reason to get together, to come together, to experience something fun or delightful or each other. It’s really not about saving the additional money. So I love to think about it from the example as, “Hey, let’s go to happy hour or let’s hang out”, as code for, “I want to hang out with you.”

Your presence and being with you, lights me up or is delightful or makes me happy, which I think is a great compliment. So I know when I’m coaching women through this, they’re so about the happy hour, means it must include alcohol or it must include fried food and that’s not on your diet plan. And so I just want to reframe that for you. I want to say it’s a connection time, call it connection hour. You can even call it healthier hour or healthy hour.

So in your mind you’re thinking this is a way I’m going to be healthy, I’m going to be creating these connections, which is a healthy existence. Humans were meant to connect with one another. And I can meet up with these people and make healthy choices, things that benefit my health, food that benefits my health, types of drink that benefits my health. So what I’m offering you in this reframe of happy hour is it’s not really about the alcohol, it’s about the time, the hours that you spend being happy.

And one key factor to being happy is connection with others, but yet I find so many people’s brains want to go right to the alcohol, when am I going to drink? How am I going to handle the drink? And yes, I coach on all of that. And yes, I’ve given you tips in this podcast on how to address that. But when your brain doesn’t make it about the alcohol and it just makes it about the time spent with others and creating that connection and creating that happiness and creating that joy and that fun. You will find that it’s really truly not about the alcohol.

I mean think about happy hour. You can call a happy hour any time of the day. You can call your happy hour the time you spend at the gym because maybe that brings you happiness and joy and investing in yourself and taking care of your health and your body and getting that endorphin rush that we get when we work out. A happy hour can be an hour you spend getting a massage. A happy hour can be time spent with family. A happy hour can be time spent with your morning coffee.

All happy hour is, is really time spent when you’re experiencing joy. And that’s how I like to define or redefine happy hour. And sometimes a happy hour is connecting with others and sometimes happy hour can be connecting with yourself. And so we could call it happy hour, we could call it healthy hour, we could call it connection time, we could call it self-care. It’s just really time spent investing in something we want to invest in.

I just went out for a friend’s birthday two days ago and we were celebrating her birthday. And when it came time to cut the cake, there were nine of us there and only eight of us had cake. Why is that? Because there’s one person amongst us that doesn’t eat sugar, no sugar at all. Now, that’s not me. But she just doesn’t enjoy sugar. So nobody forced her to have a piece of cake, nobody teased her about not having cake. We just honored her wish of not having sugar.

And here’s the funny thing, she’s the one that goes and gets the cake when these ladies meet up. She’s the one that goes buys the birthday cake for the birthday woman. And I just find it funny. And she’ll even say, “I enjoy cake, I enjoy looking at it. I enjoy picking it up and buying it for others and treating others to cake. But I just don’t enjoy when cake is put into my body, it just doesn’t make me feel good.”

And just imagine that, just imagine that with alcohol. When you walk into a bar you can look at the bar and look behind the bar and see all those pretty glass bottles filled with vodka and rum and all those things. And it could just be pretty to look at. And it could be fun to watch other people drink. But that doesn’t mean you have to put it inside of your body if you don’t want to. But my friend was out there because she wanted to be with her friends and it was not about enjoying the cake for her, it was about enjoying her friends.

And so this is one way you can really uplevel your life. When you go into a bar or you go out, you don’t always have to order alcohol because the problem isn’t an occasional beer or a glass of wine or sometimes we drink. The problem is when we become dependent on it, when we can’t have a great weekend without including alcohol. And I’ve been there, I know. You feel so dependent on this alcohol for your fun, your joy, your pleasure that nothing else compares. And that’s when we know alcohol has too much of a hold on us.

Or you can also become dependent on it if you can’t be happy without numbing yourself from your pains, that means you can’t process your emotions. And if you can’t process your emotions, you’re drugging them away, you’re drowning them away. And many people look to sugar and carbs and refined flours in order to make our hurts and our bad emotions go away but if you do that you’ll never be free to create the life that you truly love, your epic life. And you’ll be caught in these same patterns and these same habits over and over again.

And then you’ll have the same conversations in your head like, why can’t I stop, why can’t I cut back, why can’t I do this? And inevitably this makes us feel lousy about ourselves because you feel stuck when you’re truly not stuck, you’re just keeping yourself stuck because you’re avoiding the pain that it would create to create the change. And when you avoid that pain that would create change, you have that avoidance approach to life rather than an approach mindset to life that I talked about in a previous podcast.

And then we don’t feel that we’re free. We don’t feel that we’re truly free and that we have this vice that just hangs over us, whether your vice is for sweets or your vice is for alcohol or your vice is constantly scrolling on the internet and on Instagram or Facebook. And when you get off those platforms you feel like wow, I feel worse about myself because we go into compare and despair mode. And I don’t think anyone’s goal is to be dependent on external fixes.

And I think the key word there is being dependent on them because I think a big goal of ourselves and then living our best life is not being afraid of who we are, not being afraid to show up as we want to show up. And how can we enjoy ourselves maybe differently than others and how they enjoy themselves? Now, that to me is true freedom when we can allow people to be themselves and we can show up as our true self.

And so I want to come back to happy hour, redefining that, reclaiming it in a way that makes you feel powerful to show up as the person you want to be. And really happy hour is time invested in something you’re doing where you get pleasure and joy or happiness. And maybe if you need alcohol and when you phrase it this way, what comes up for you? Because sometimes when I’m coaching what I’ll hear from a client is, “Wow, well, without the alcohol I really don’t enjoy spending time with that person.”

And to that I would say, “Well, then maybe we should reevaluate that relationship. Let’s look at what this relationship is helping you do or not do and becoming the person you want to be or not want to be. And is this relationship a part of your new future or not? And if it needs to be a part of your future, well, we can look at ways to make that better without relying on alcohol. And if this person needs to go then we can look at ways to minimize contact with that person or withdraw from this person if they need to go because you’re not finding that you have stuff in common.”

And this may be a new development, a recent development or however long it’s been going on, but relationships do change over time. And how you choose to spend your time is very important because we know hanging out with certain people influence us in good ways, bad ways or neutral ways. And for me I know I want to spend time with those who make me better. I want to spend time with those who want to see me grow, who are invested in my growth, who are happy to see me grow and happy to see my greatness come out.

I want to spend time with people who are good for my mental health. And for me personally I like hanging out with people who inspire me, who excite me and who are grateful for our relationship together. And then I have some people in my life who push on me to level up or to really question when I make a decision that is not where I talk about where I want my future self to be. Now, some people may feel attacked but I feel loved. I feel like they have my best interest out for me and these are the people I want to surround myself with.

And when I surround myself with these people, I don’t need alcohol. I don’t even desire alcohol because their gift of being with me is so delightful and fulfilling in of itself. And I find it interesting that I put myself in these circles with these people that help me level up in a way that I want to level up and that’s yet what I do for others inside of EpicYOU. And that’s what I do for women inside of IF 45 because we all have greatness within us and it really takes people that care about us and who know our potential and want to see us achieve our goals and our dreams. That’s the people I want to surround myself with.

Because I know in my life when I feel complacent, when I feel things are just status quo and going along, humming along really well, that all sounds good but I’ll tell you, I get some bit of an internal thing that says, “Wait, if this is good let’s push ourselves to get a little bit more. Let’s push ourselves to improve in this area.” I get that uneasiness of my soul, I get that inner voice calling me to level up, so now let’s try this, now let’s do this next thing.

And I love experiencing that growth and I love experiencing the joy that comes from creation and seeing and pushing myself to see what I can achieve and what I can accomplish next. And I know I have so much more left in me that I’m so excited about. And I can’t wait to share it all with you. Alright, my friend, that’s what I have for you today. Thank you for joining me on this podcast. And I love helping you live your healthy and epic life. I’ll see you next week.

If you want to change your relationship with alcohol and with yourself then come check out EpicYOU. It’s where you get individualized health mastering the tools so you And become a woman who And take it or leave it and be in control around alcohol in any situation. EpicYOU is the place for women who want to be healthy, confident and empowered to accomplish their goals and live their best life. Come join us over at epicyou.com/epicyou. That’s epicyou.com/ E-P-I-C-Y-O-U. I can’t wait to see you there.

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