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The place for women who want to be healthy, confident, and empowered to accomplish their health goals and live their best life.

Women tell me...

They’re smart, goal-oriented, successful, hard-working and yet, they find themselves unsatisfied.

They feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, lonely, bored, and have regret and shame.

So they turn to alcohol, food, work, or other things to feel comfort, relief, or joy.

But overdrinking, overeating, overworking, or “over-ing” on anything doesn’t lead to lasting joy or fulfillment.

And it’s causing other problems like weight gain, negative self talk, decreased energy, and mental and emotional anguish.

They want more for their lives.

They want their energy and joy back. They want to feel vibrant and powerful with a zest for life.

I help women stop feeling stuck and out of control in their life.

I help women create a life they love.

One with meaning, joy and purpose. And they learn how to develop control and restore their health and relationships.

This is what we do inside EpicYOU. We create YOUR best life.

You’ll learn how to stop bad habits, end regret and shame, stop people pleasing and get on with living your best life.

And start accomplishing your goals.

Not living the life you desire robs you of experiencing true happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

In EpicYOU, you’ll learn the tools to permanently break bad habits that are holding you back.

You’ get rid of emotional baggage weighing you down and start pursuing your most important goals.

You start to elevate your life…one step at a time.

EpicYOU teaches you how to listen to your inner wisdom and trust yourself again around alcohol and protecting your time for you.

So you can feel healthy and amazing again.

In EpicYOU, you get access to over 35 courses so you can:

EpicYOU teaches you the tools to live healthy, confident and empowered.

To be your BEST self. To live YOUR best life.

Here’s What You Get Inside

EpicYOU Library

Access to 35+ courses (videos and workbooks) giving you actionable steps in areas where you struggle.

How to Lose Weight

The latest science on weight loss and maintenance strategies for women and the key tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Drink Less While
Staying in Control

Access to the "How to Get Your Off Button Back" and “Drink Less Lifestyle” programs give you the steps to have peace and control around alcohol.

Be A Positive Influence

How to influence others to get what you want at home and at work.

Setting Boundaries

The 3-step process that works in any relationship.

Emotional Regulation

Conquer anxiety, stress and overwhelm so you don't dependent on alcohol or food (or anything else) for comfort.

Live Coaching

Six powerful coaching calls per month with Dr. Sherry Price to accelerate your growth and transformation.

Unlimited Personal Support

Unlimited access to the private EpicYOU community on Slack for daily accountability, ask questions, get inspiration and encouragement.

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