Ep #198: One Simple Motto to Level Up Your Life

By: Dr. Sherry Price

One Simple Motto to Level Up Your Life

Do you have a motto or phrase that helps you move the needle in your life when you need it most? 

If not, you may find it helpful to have one especially in times when life feels hard or when you feel stuck. 

I, like you, don’t like feeling stuck or off-track from my goals.

That’s why having a phrase or motto for your life can be so powerful. 

In this episode, I’m sharing my personal life motto, and hopefully can serve as inspiration to level up your life when you’re feeling stuck.

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The simple phrase that helps me push through challenges 
  • How having a motto can help shift your mindset so you can level up 
  • Different ways you can use your own personal motto to make real progress towards your goals

Featured on the Show:

[00:00:00] Welcome to the health habits and epic living podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Sherry Price. The goal of this podcast is to educate and enable empowered women to take the next step towards achieving their health, wellness, and lifestyle goals. Let’s get started.

Hello, my beautiful epic friends. Welcome back to the podcast. Wow. Summer is so much fun. I just got back from a trip from visiting my parents and my sister in Pennsylvania. And tomorrow I leave for another trip. I’m going to Napa to wine country to do a girl’s trip for the weekend. And I just can’t wait.

It’s so much fun. I hope you are having an amazing summer so far. All right. For today’s podcast, I want to dive into, I call this like a simple habit or a simple life hack that you can have. And if you don’t have a personal motto or a kind of phrase in your life that [00:01:00] you’re like go to phrase, I want to encourage you to think about having one.

And I find this to be a quick hack or a simple habit that you can have that starts to move the needle when you need it most. So, we know that we get stuck. All humans get stuck, right? We get in our own way, and you don’t want to get stuck to where you start self sabotaging or doing actions that you don’t want.

And so, when you’re in that, like, place of, like, stuckness, uh, for me, that can be, like, feeling Disappointed or frustrated or results aren’t coming quick enough, or I’m low on productivity, like all these ways that I get aggravated by myself, right? Where I could start to think like I’m feeling stuck or I’m not making enough progress.

I want to talk about this concept of like a simple hack where you can have like a personal motto. Or even a personal identity or a personal phrase that works for you. And I’ve seen [00:02:00] other entrepreneurs do this really successful people is that they have like a rule that they live by or a phrase that they live by that really gets them moving.

So one key one that comes to mind is by Marie Forleo. She has everything is figureoutable. And that’s the title of her book, right? Mel Robbins has the five second rule. And she lives by that. You know, Nike has a slogan, just do it. So something that’s meaningful to you. That anytime you use it, you notice it creates a different vibration and a different energy in your body.

So I want to share with you mine and feel free to use it if you find it helpful or motivating for you. Because I think having something in your life that can really get you moving in the direction you want to be moving in can be so helpful. Mine is I am a problem solver. I love this identity. I love this phrase for me.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. Or, life gets to be too much, or like I said, I’m not getting [00:03:00] enough done. I’m like, wait a second, I am getting things done because I am a problem solver. And what this does to my brain is it slows down things. That are like out there or I’m feeling out of control or there’s just too much going on and I go, okay, wait, brain, you’re a problem solver.

So even though it might look like I’m not making traction or solving things in my life, I remind myself and out, wait, I am a problem solver. And so that starts to shift my energy and it starts to think like, okay, if I’m a problem solver, let’s think about one problem to solve. Okay. That could be like getting the laundry done.

That could be like sending that email, right? When I tell myself I’m a problem solver and I have that motto for myself, and it’s a motto I like to use for my family, it’s like, we are problem solvers. It really gets us thinking in a different way than staying [00:04:00] stuck in the stuckness. So, like, when I used it one time on vacation with my family, it’s like, something happened, it didn’t meet our expectations, we didn’t like the room, we kind of weren’t satisfied with it.

And so I’m like, okay, guys, we are a problem solving family. What are we going to do about this? We can choose to stay, we can choose to check into a different hotel, right? I just wanted to talk about the solution. I didn’t want to talk about the problem. And so I love being a problem solver. And I actually think of myself as a problem solver, as a coach, like women come to me for coaching and I just love helping them find solutions to their problem, right?

We tag team. We talk about different solutions, what’s going to work, what’s not going to work. And we identify what is going to work and solve the problem because I love solving problems. I love solving problems in my life. I love solving problems for other people. And I think that what’s makes me very effective at [00:05:00] what I do.

And so when I think about there’s just problems to solve out there, it gets me excited because I like a bit of a challenge. I like to use my brain. I like to use my body. I like to think of like creative solutions to how are we going to solve a problem. And so I hear a lot of people when they get stuck, they talk about the problem.

So I hear like, Oh, I’m over drinking or I’m drinking too much and I don’t know how to cut back or I’m eating or I don’t like my body or I’m not understanding how I’m going to lose this weight, right? They’re talking about the problem. And one thing I love is to hear all that, take all that in, understand their pain and understand their problem.

And then get them brains moving to, Oh yeah, okay, well, we can solve that problem, right? Just like I solved my over drinking problem. I don’t over drink like I used to. And I just love that. I love that. Right? So having that [00:06:00] personal motto or that, you know, little simple hack that I fall back on I think is really important.

And so I encourage you to think of one for yourself. You know, you can say, um, here’s one that I know that works for a lot of women that I’ve coached around perfectionism and thinking they can’t lose weight because they have to go to the gym three days a week and eat boiled chicken and broccoli for two to three meals of the day.

Or, you know, or they have to meal prep or they have to do all the grocery shopping and, you know, line it all up. And sometimes when Wednesday comes, they just don’t feel like eating what they plan to eat on Wednesday. So they have this perfectionistic plan. And what I like to do is get them into Not that perfectionistic plan because they’re thinking this is the only way to lose weight.

I have to follow this meal regimen. I have to exercise this much, right? There’s this specific way that they think is the only [00:07:00] way to lose weight. And what do we know about weight loss? There are many ways to lose weight, right? We have to find the way that’s going to work for you. We know what principles move weight, right?

And in the latest research, we know exactly how to burn fat and get body fat and belly fat off. So love that we want to embrace those strategies, but we don’t have to embrace them in a perfectionistic way. So one of the mottos that I have my clients use is like, just do something, just start, just do something right.

It’s like, Oh, okay. If I didn’t work out three days a week, it doesn’t mean I’m a failure. If I didn’t meet all the If they’re counting calories, which you know I’m not about, I think there are quicker and easier and better ways to look at effective weight loss than counting calories. I think counting calories can’t work.

It’s just not the preferred or quickest, if [00:08:00] most effective way. And so they want to count calories, okay, you know, and, and they’re thinking in this perfectionistic way and they miss it on Monday or miss it on Tuesday, then they just blow out the rest of the week. They’re like, I’m not even going to try hands up in the air.

You know, they’re just laying down like, Nope, Nope, not going to do it. And that’s perfectionistic thinking. Of course we could get in our way of ourselves. And so coming back to, okay, I’ve fallen or I feel like I’m stuck or I feel like I’ve gotten off track. What is my personal mission statement? If you want to call it that my personal motto, what is what I’m going to fall back to?

And for a lot of people could be just, just start, just start again, or just do the next thing. Just do the next thing, right? And that gets away from it has to look exactly the way we planned, because what do we know about life? We know that life throws us curve balls, right? Life comes at us. And so we might have this beautiful laid out plan [00:09:00] for the day, for the week, for the month.

I’ve done a monthly plan where I charted all my exercises. And let me tell you, I get to the end of the month and it’s not followed a hundred percent. Because life happens, something goes awry, something needs my attention when I’m planned for the gym. And so I love saying, Oh, okay, this came up, but how can I still be a problem solver?

How can I still get that thing done that I want to get done? And that’s what works for me. So I love, you know, just start, just do something, right? Whatever is going to be effective to help your mind shift away from wallowing, staying stuck. Thinking it has to look a certain way. Here’s a classic example. I remember coaching someone who said, I want to win the lottery.

I’ve been playing the lottery for years. Cause I want to win the lottery. Cause when I win the lottery, I can buy a Winnebago and I can drive across the country and I can vacation in that [00:10:00] Winnebago and so there we’re thinking the only way to get that Winnebago. It’s to win the lottery, right? When you can see that’s just one way to get a Winnebago.

There’s other ways you can rent them. You can buy a used one, right? You can see if you can borrow one from someone like there are other ways to make that dream come alive. And so when we get stuck thinking it has to be this one way, notice that we give up. I’m finding other routes to get to our goal. So I see this a lot with over drinking and I see this a lot with weight loss because those are the two areas I really help women dial in how to overcome over drinking, how to overcome overeating or sugar cravings or getting the weight off.

And it really comes down to like, there are many ways to do it. There are many programs out there and [00:11:00] different styles to. Cut back on alcohol. Some of them require you to be sober and never drink again. And some of them have flexibility where you can drink, right? Some of them do it by counting days.

That’s not a method that I use. It doesn’t work for my brain, but I’m not opposed to other people using it if it works for their brain. And they feel that is a way that they are going to make progress. Fantastic. Or they may institute it for a little bit. And then like, once they get to a certain day, they’re like, I just don’t want to count anymore because I’m just noticing I don’t desire it.

And so continuing to count doesn’t feel good in my body. Great. Then we can drop the counting, but notice there are different ways to get to the goal. And that’s why I love having a. Statement that you come back to, a personal motto or whatever you wanna call it, this one little hack that you can come back to that’s gonna help your [00:12:00] brain get unstuck.

Because what do we know when our brain gets stuck? When it’s bad? When it’s stuck in negative thoughts, negative thought cycles. We know those negative thoughts and those bad thoughts lead to a lot of times bad actions or. You know, habits that we do that we don’t want to be doing, self sabotaging things, right?

But when we know when we shift our mindset and we have epic thoughts, when you’re feeling amazing, when you have great thoughts in your mind, what do you do? You take and carry out great actions, right? You’re joyful, you’re helping others, you’re generous with your time, you have more energy, right? You’re putting good energy out into the world.

Because you feel good and have great thoughts. So I love shifting the mindset when it’s not exactly where we want it to be and having a little go to nugget that you have practiced [00:13:00] over and over and you know that works. Now that’s not to say it’s going to work every single time. That’s perfectionism.

Right? But if we use it enough and we notice that it works enough, it’s golden. Because when we can get progress instead of reducing progress or going backwards, that is golden. That is something that is a tool that you want to add to your toolbox so you can hang on to because if it helps, why not use it?

And what I love most about this tool is it’s completely free and it’s completely individualized. Maybe what I say for myself doesn’t work for you and you found something that is going to work for you. Perfect. It’s something that you can say to yourself. It’s something that you can tell others if you want to share it with others so you can keep it close by, close to your chest, or decide that you say it to others, right?

This is completely individualized and a free tool for you to use. [00:14:00] It has really transformed how I thought about drinking because it was something I would tell myself that I wanted to overcome and I knew drinking was a problem even though I talk about it as a solution. Right? But it was a problem that caused other problems in my life, and I wanted to solve that problem.

And I remember telling myself, I want to be a problem solver and I want this solved in my life. I don’t want to go down another five years still talking about this problem. I don’t want to talk about this problem in 10 years. I don’t want to talk about winning the lottery. Five years later and thinking that my dream of driving cross country in a Winnebago if I was the one right thinking that that it was Dependent on the lottery because it wasn’t it didn’t have to be for that client and it wasn’t They were able to see other ways that they could get the Winnebago and drive cross country, right?

And do what they wanted to do in their life, which they felt was part of their epic living. And so [00:15:00] by having these little tools, so helpful, my friend, so helpful. So I really encourage you to think about a personal model for you that you can implement when your brain gets stuck. And I’d love to hear it.

So if you ever want to comment, feel free to come in the health habits and epic living Facebook group. And I’d love to hear what your personal motto is and we can share, we can share, we can garner ideas in there. And before you go, since I am loving solving problems in my own life and for others, I wanted to tell you that I’m launching tone in 10 again.

I was planning on launching it in September, but a lot of people have been coming to me and saying, I really want this. I really want this now. I’m really feeling motivated. And so I know a couple of women are ready to really jump in and change their body composition and up level their health. So I will be launching Tone in 10 the week of July 15th, that is next week.

So if you want to join [00:16:00] me, feel free to go to EpicU. com and click on Tone in 10 and you will see all the things that we cover in that program. In 10 weeks, I will tell you, you will transform your body. We work on the 10 key principles that uplevel your health. Cause fat loss and help you become more metabolically flexible.

And this is really important, my friends, because we know from the data that over 93 percent of adult Americans are not metabolically flexible, meaning our health is suffering. It’s suffering as a country. And so if you are really wanting to get serious about, Hey, I want to really uplevel my metabolic health.

I want to decrease some of these parameters that are going up. I want to take inches off my waistline. I want to feel better. I want to get more tone. Check out Tone in 10 because you will learn [00:17:00] over the 10 weeks, the 10 key habits and the 10 key principles to maintain optimal health. And if you have weight to lose, it will help you lose that weight.

And I can’t wait to help you with this inside ToneIn10. So come check it out at EpicU. com. Again, click on ToneIn10. And I can’t wait to work with you the week of July 15th. Again you’re going to get workbooks. There’s going to be live coaching calls with me. And it’s going to be so much fun. All right, my friends, that is it for today.

Be epic. And I will see you next time. Thanks for listening to the health habits and epic living podcast. If you’re ready to take the next step to improve your health, wellness, and lifestyle goals, head over to www. epicu. com and sign up for my weekly newsletter. Again, that’s E P I C Y O U dot com. Please note that the information in this podcast is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical [00:18:00] advice.


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