Ep #186: 5 Strategies for Epic Health

By: Dr. Sherry Price

5 Strategies for Epic Health

What makes you feel epic? 

Many high-achieving women want to live a high-quality, optimal life.  It’s fun and exhilarating so why not?   

One way to live epically is to make a significant, positive impact in this world, whether on a micro level or a macro level. And you can do this best when you are taking good care of yourself and your health. 

That’s why in this episode, I’m doing something fun!  In working with many clients over the years, I’m sharing the key ingredients to feeling like you’re on fire in your life. 

Join me as I dive into the 5 EpicYOU principles that you can use when you want to feel truly epic which will translate to having better health.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The power of being connected and aligned with what you truly want 

  • The science behind how you feel based on how you’re fueling your body

  • The impact of a sedentary lifestyle 

  • The key to getting yourself in a good mental state 

  • How to embrace rest and recovery

  • Use the strategies in this episode so you can live on fire in your life and feel your best as you put more goodness in the world!


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[00:00:00] Well, hello, my beautiful friend, welcome into another episode of health habits and epic living. And today I thought we’d do a fun episode. What I wanted to talk about on this podcast was after what now six years working with. High achieving women and realizing how they look at their life and what determines and what factors go into feeling epic.

I love the name epic you, right? We want to live a high quality, optimal life. Average. Doesn’t feel good for a lot of people and especially not for myself or my clients, right? We are women who like to achieve women who like to get things done women who want to make a Significant impact in the world.

Right. And it could be just through our friends and our family and on a micro level, or it could be even on a macro level. And [00:01:00] I thought we do a fun podcast talking about what are those key ingredients that when I’m working with women that we identify as like, yeah, okay. When I have this, I feel epic.

When this is going well in my life, I feel epic. And so these are considered my EpicYou self care principles that we’re going to discuss today. So let’s dive in with number one. When I’m working with high achieving women, when I’m thinking about my life and how it could be just the most amazing life I want it to be right.

I have limited time on this planet and I want my work to have a big impact on others. I want to feel proud of the work that I do and the meaning I bring to things and the energy I bring to others. So. I know that about myself. So I would say ingredient number one, when I’m talking with women and helping them get their Epic life, they say, I want to be more connected to myself.

My [00:02:00] purpose and my goals when I’m more connected to what I want out of life, what fuels me, what drives me forward, what I’m able to bust through and achieve. And this doesn’t have to be all materialistic things, but just something that lights them up and gets them on fire and excited for living. And I really think that comes from a true deep connection to yourself.

Because sometimes we get lost in life. And when I hear that, I know a woman is disconnected from herself. She may be had a purpose. And then all of a sudden the purpose changed, right? This happens a lot to women who go through the empty nest, right? They send their kids off to college. The last one’s out of the house.

And it’s like, Oh my gosh, They were the biggest priority for me and now that they don’t need me is often what I hear. They don’t need you. They never stopped needing you by the way. They just need you on a different level. And so [00:03:00] that’s a big time of transition for women.

And so I’ll often hear I feel lost. So what I help them do is get connected again to themselves and their next purpose of life. Cause I don’t believe we just have one purpose in life. I feel we are here and there might be one big purpose of life, but I find we have many purposes as we go through life, we’re in different seasons and so different seasons, we’re going to be focused on different things, different priorities, different things are going to be number one on our list and number two and number three and number four.

So I think a key ingredient. For every woman to live as their Epic self and to have their Epic life is that they are connected to themselves. And I saw this most when I was working with women solely when they were over drinking, because what happens when we over drink? When we over imbibe, when we take in too much of a numbing substance, it [00:04:00] disconnects us from ourselves.

We’re too numb to feel. And that’s a reason why people go to it. They don’t want to feel their feelings. Their feelings feel so uncomfortable in their body. They don’t like the boredom, the restlessness, the disappointment the aggravation. I’m getting further away from my goals than closer, right? So oftentimes this is a strategy to want to disconnect.

Because the connection can feel painful. So when we’re connecting with ourself, the painful parts, are actually valuable in that they tell us what we are not doing and what we want to be doing. So they’re definitely key. And it’s also connecting with what are our greatest desires, our deepest wants.

And I say, when we tap into that, we’re living powerfully and have a whole course on that inside of epic you, because I think women and men, of course, right. Could get off track at times and then. Getting back on track, right? We have to help and get guided to [00:05:00] that because sometimes we can’t get there on our own.

So I think key ingredient number one is being connected to what lights you up and connected to yourself. And that you only going to know what lights you up by being connected to yourself. When you’re disconnected with yourself, this is what I’ll hear. I’m just going through the motions. Yeah. I’m taking care of the kids.

I’m getting meals done, but. None of it feels like joy. So they’re not even connecting with themselves. They’re like robotic going through life and it just feels heavy. It feels like, a part of them is missing because it is because they’re not connecting with their full self, right? And so connecting with yourself, key ingredient.

And that’s why I think goals aren’t necessary for everybody. But for a lot of my clients, they are embraced. We like goals. It keeps us focused on something that we want in our life. It keeps us focused on, feeling good at getting towards the goal, right? Not just getting the goal, but [00:06:00] also working on the process of getting the goal is also fuel.

And if it’s not fueling us. Then we have to find a different way to get to the goal because you don’t want to be doing something grinding, at it. If it’s not feeling good inside for you, unless it’s necessary, right? But sometimes we can find a way to change the path a bit so it can feel better.

So you’re not so regretting it or like begrudging it or not wanting to do it, but really a key is gotta be connecting with yourself. And when we get lost, it is so important to find ourselves again. And I think whatever it takes, because this is the time to spare, hopelessness can sink in. And so working with somebody, working with your friend, working with your spouse, working with a coach, working with a therapist, right?

Helping you. So you’re not. In that abyss, right? I’ve heard women call it. I feel like I’m an abyss. I just don’t know what’s next for me or what that next [00:07:00] phase is. And so if you can shrink the time, you’re in that abyss. I think I’m all for the avenues that can help us shrink that time. So we can connect with our.

Self again. And I think a valuable exercise, which I lead women through is connecting with their values. Cause that’s one place we can start when everything feels kind of at a whack or so overwhelming, we can at least look at what values have you had and what values do you want to continue having and how are you living in alignment with that?

That’s a way to come back and connect to yourself. Key ingredient for being epic in your life and feeling like. You’re on fire for your life. All right. Second ingredient. This one shouldn’t surprise you coming from me. I’m going to call it meals, right? I don’t like the word diet because everybody freaks out.

They’re like, ah, diet. I don’t want to hear diet. I’ve heard so much of that in the nineties and the eighties and it burned me and ah, diets triggering, right? But I like to think [00:08:00] about meals, how we fuel our bodies. Ladies is everything. Food is medicine. And I’ll prove it to you because whatever you put in your mouth is going to signal something in your body to happen or not happen.

So I like to think of food going in causes secretion within the body and what gets secreted hormones, all kinds of hormones and hormones. Are the thing that turns on processes to happen. And so if we are secreting certain hormones, they are going to help our body feel healthy and stay healthy. And then there are certain hormones.

If we over secrete them or have too much of them or not the right amounts, maybe they’re even too low. We don’t feel ourselves. We don’t feel our optimal selves. We feel like, meh, we feel like, eh, it’s good, but it’s not optimal. It’s not epic levels. What [00:09:00] you eat, when you eat, and how you eat all determine your level of health.

So, so much emphasis is placed on calories and what you eat. But I also want to say, when you eat, And how you eat is also important in that equation. And that’s why I’m so passionate about intermittent fasting for women, because , this is one modality where there’s so many layers to it. That I am describing and teaching to the women, so they really understand food as medicine and medicine can harm you and medicine can help you.

Right? And we want to make sure that we are eating because it’s something we need to do every single day, maybe not need, but it’s something we do every single day. So why not set yourself up to have the healthiest, most optimal body? Now, and for as long as you can maintain it [00:10:00] and identify foods within these categories that feel amazing in your body.

It’s not to say you have to eat these meals all the time. We can spice it up with different spices. We can flavor it up differently. We can cook it differently to bring pizzazz and zest and, fun to meals. And I think meals should be satisfying. They should be enriching. They should be a way to connect with others.

They’re a communication tool, not just between you and somebody else, because it’s a great way to get together with people, but it’s also a communication tool that once you put it down your mouth, right, it’s communicating in your body, send out more insulin, send out more of this, send out less of that. So food is just a way.

That we take in ingredients and that causes a whole communication cascade within our body, right? And the communication is either turning on genes and hormones [00:11:00] that are going to be secreted for optimal health or damaging, right? It’s like ultra processed food. If we eat a high quantity of ultra processed food, we are going to get all kinds of hormone dysregulation and it’s the hormone dysregulation that really causes the disease.

It’s not necessarily that packaged food. It’s what it does in the body when the body eats it, because we aren’t meant for highly ultra processed foods yet in America, let me say it this way. The average American. Eats 70 percent of their diet comes from ultra processed food, 70%. No wonder why we feel like crap.

No wonder why we think like crap. No wonder why we’re feeling depressed and low and not good because we’re eating crap. And so our body knows it’s crap and it’s like, well, you didn’t send me the right signals. So I’m not secreting the right hormones. And so I’m not feeling optimal and not feeling optimal.[00:12:00] 

Oftentimes manifests is not feeling good. Feeling like crap. So you can eat to be epic and optimal and ultra healthy, or you can eat for just what’s convenient. And I think a lot of people, unfortunately, just go for the convenience food, and they’re not really thinking through all the ingredients and saying, is this going to support my health and make me feel great, make me feel amazing, or is this going to Not make me feel good.

Maybe it makes me feel good right now. Cause it’s convenient. . I could get this food on the table pretty quick. And then dinner is done. Woo hoo. Yeah. Right. 10 minutes from start to finish and it’s all done or wait, somebody else is going to make it and deliver it to me. But then we’re taking in all those highly processed ingredients from takeouts and door dash and all of that.

And that’s not going to support feeling Epic. Not that day and not the next day. [00:13:00] So when you think about what you eat determines what you secrete, I love that what you eat determines what you secrete. And what we’re thinking about when we’re saying secrete is the hormones. So hormones are the things that you secrete.

And food triggers different hormones to be secreted, right? So ultra processed foods are going to secrete different hormones in different quantities than natural, organic good foods, real foods, whole foods for us. And it’s really the hormones that tell the whole story. So hormones tell you if you are hungry.

 Like we have ghrelin. We have others that tell us we’re hungry. We have hormones that tell us we are full like GLP one, right? Like the GLP one drugs are so popular right now. Those agonists like Ozempic and Wegovy and Mongero, a lot of people are taking them because wow.

When I take these drugs, I feel full. [00:14:00] But did you know you can increase your own levels of GLP one? Without using those drugs. Yeah, you can’t, you just have to know how to change up your macros so you could get higher levels of GLP one naturally with food, not with a pharmaceutical. Now, if you want to take the pharmaceutical, sure, that’s going to give you an higher levels of GLP one, but I want to let you know what you put in your mouth can also determine how much GLP one you secrete.

So that G. I. P P Y will also tell us we’re full. So all of these hormones are telling us, Hey, we’re full. So why don’t we select foods? That make those hormones to be secreted more. So we get full and so we’re not constantly eating and overeating and grazing throughout the day, which we know causes so much heart disease, cancer, and just sets us up for diabetes and all lifelong diseases.[00:15:00] 

So if we could just change our food, which changes our hormone, because what we eat changes what we secrete. Oh my gosh, we can just mitigate all the problems from downstream effects. Hormones also tell us how much energy you use. Your food will either help feed your mitochondria, which will give you more energy, or your food can upregulate how much energy is required, right?

Like making you secrete more epinephrine, making you secrete more adrenaline, more epinephrine or norepinephrine. Hormones? can also tell you how much to grow, right? We have growth hormone. We have hormones that signal stem cells to be made, right? So hormones are going to tell us how much we grow, also how much hormones tell us.

How sexy we feel, or if we feel like having sex or libido or how frisky we may feel, right? Are those hormones being secreted? Right, because that’s all coming from hormones. [00:16:00] Not all, a lot of it’s coming from hormones. Also, how you think about it, right? Hormones tell us if you are gaining more weight.

Weight, particularly belly fat, right? And the hormones that are responsible for that I’ve talked about on previous podcasts is insulin, high blood sugar, cortisol levels, particularly if you’re chronically stressed and you have chronic high cortisol levels that often leads to burnout. I see this a lot in my clients and they’re just gaining weight even though they’re exercising more and they’re like, why can’t I get rid of this belly fat?

Why can’t I get rid of this extra weight? I’m doing all the things because of their hormones. Their hormones are dysregulated. Hormones also tell you if you stay in a happy and calm state, right? Serotonin, also dopamine, also progesterone helps us keep us calm, right? If we have balanced hormones in those areas, then we’re going to be happy and calm.

Not anxious, not feeling [00:17:00] crazed, not feeling restless, not feeling, oh, I got to do something in ADHD, right? Hormone imbalances. We have the biggest factor, right, to tell us if we are maintaining hormone balance is really about the foods we select. That’s one of the biggest factors that helps us have balanced hormones.

By the foods we select because the hormones are all secreted by what we eat, right? What we eat determines what we secrete. That is a big piece of feeling epic. Now let me just ask you, when you eat a meal, say it’s fast food, it’s a lot of processed foods. It’s a lot of French fries and ketchup and diet Cokes and all of that.

How do you feel two hours after? Durr, you eat that meal. Two hours later, I bet you, you’re not feeling optimal. Even an hour later, you might not feeling optimal. Maybe while you’re eating it. Yes. [00:18:00] It’s the pleasure zones that get lit up in the brain and oh my gosh. Right. But that’s just one part. What about all the other hormones it’s secreting?

Oftentimes we feel bloated, right? Cause we have a hormone imbalance there. We’re feeling bloated. We’re feeling tired. We’re feeling sluggish. We’re feeling over full. And then we just kind of feel like slump. So this happens to a lot of people. So that’s not feeling epic and optimal because the right hormones haven’t been secreted from that type of food.

So a lot of people want to pick on calories. And I’m not saying calories aren’t important. They’re just not the most important thing. They’re kind of smaller down on the list. Like I’m not going to go after calories when I’m working with a client. We’re going to teach you what foods trigger what hormones.

And if you want the hormones for fat burning to kick in, let’s do a diet or a meal plan that supports [00:19:00] that, right? If that’s a goal, if you want optimal health, we can do that as well in the diet plan as well as burn fat. But a lot of times people pick food that actually stores fat. And the reason it’s storing fat is because it’s sending A hormone dysregulation and it’s upregulating those hormones that cause fat storage rather than upregulating the hormones that cause fat burning.

And that’s why 93 percent of Americans are in a fat storage state, meaning they’re metabolically unhealthy. Metabolically unhealthy. 93 percent of us. It’s like super high here. And that’s scary. That’s really scary. That has some big implications to come if we don’t change and reverse that. And one of the biggest things you can do for your optimal health, your epic living and to become your epic self is to really know how to eat for your body.[00:20:00] 

Absolutely. Hands down. That would be a big one for me is really learning how to eat. When I learned how to come off ultra processed foods, because look, I thought I was eating healthy, but then when I really examined it and it really sat down, reading the labels, looking at how much of my content in a day comes from a package comes from a wrapper comes from the pantry, right?

And it. It’s not considered a whole food. It went to a processing plant to mix together with all these other ingredients. And I’m not saying don’t read any processed food. I’m just talking about the ultra processed foods. Cause those have the highly refined carbohydrates, the things that are really causing disease inside of our body and setting up our environments in our body to hang on to and create visceral fat.

and increase our cortisol and our food causes stress. A lot of people think it’s just work and the outside world. No food [00:21:00] sets up a stressful environment and can raise cortisol levels in your body as well. So really dialing that piece in is why I’m so passionate about teaching women really how to fuel their bodies for optimal health.

All right. So what else do I want to say on that? Is that a crappy mindset? A crappy outlook on life and feeling crappy in your body. All signals back to you that your hormones are out of whack. Just think of that. Oh, that’s a signal. My body’s not feeling good with this. This doesn’t work for my body. This is not helping me feel optimal.

So these are all just symptoms. Your body’s like sending up alarms. Like, Hey, not feeling good when you eat this. Also drinking too much. Right. Too much alcohol we know causes massive hormonal shifts. And I’ve talked about that so many different podcasts, right? All the hormonal shifts, the changes in melatonin, the changes in cortisol, the increased belly fat, the increase in estrogen, which is why we wake up in the night, [00:22:00] sometimes sweating like a hot flash, right?

So many hormonal imbalances insulin, dysregulates blood sugar. So many hormonal imbalances come from over drinking with alcohol. So all those hormonal shifts obviously lead to us feeling crappy. And then when we wonder why we’re hating ourselves the next day. Right. It’s just because of the, all the hormonal shifts that have occurred because of the amount of alcohol we drank.

And look, , we think it’s a large amount of alcohol, but I see this in women constantly just with two glasses a day. And if you’re in the post menopause phase, it might even be with one glass a day because our body can’t break it down as quickly as we could in our twenties. So when we get older, our bodies slow down, our metabolism slows down, and so metabolizing that alcohol is going to take longer, which means it’s in the body longer, which means it’s causing more hormonal shifts, [00:23:00] even with the lesser quantity.

So really knowing like, wow, okay, if I’m going to choose to drink, I know I’m going to choose to sleep crappy. If I’m going to choose to drink, I know I’m going to wake up with some bloatedness. Because that’s just what the drug does. That’s what the toxin does. And so, you know, if you think, oh, I’m only having two glasses of wine a night or two drinks a day, that might be enough for hormone dysregulation.

And that’s why the guidelines say one drink or less a day for women. Otherwise you’re in the heavy drinking category. So guilt, shame, sluggishness, all of that comes from. The meals, what we put into our body, right? What we are consuming. And so that would be a big one for correcting. So you can feel epic. But you want a diet fueled by high quality protein, not just high quality protein, but a large enough quantity that So guess what? It’s [00:24:00] setting off a hormonal cascade to say, I’m full. I’m satiated. I don’t need any more. I don’t want any more. When you eat a high quality, high quantity protein diet, that’s exactly the signals that will be sent off in your body.

Also high quality, good fats again, not the kind that oxidize in your body, not the kind that damage and cause holes and micro tears and micro damages inside your organs. So if we’re not eating the right fats, right, we are. Potentially causing organ damage with these high reactive species, oxygen free radicals that circulate in our body, causing heart disease, causing our skin to look saggy and these advanced glycation end products, that happen when we eat these rancid types of oils.

So we want to eat good oils and we know that a lot of restaurants aren’t using the good oils. Right. So they’re still [00:25:00] using the seed oils. And so that does impact inflammation within our bodies. So make sure you get in good high quality fats, the kind that don’t oxidize in your body, like olives, olive oil avocados, avocado oil, and a bunch of others.

Another thing you can do is home cooking, right? We’ve talked about the restaurants and how they use the cheap refined oils, and that can lead to some damage internally, especially if we keep eating out or we keep getting door dash or Uber eats or whatever delivered, right? So home cooking is a wonderful self care thing you can do to honor your body, honor your health.

Honor yourself. I know it could feel like a treat to go out, but just keep it sparingly, right? Just not every single day. Remember that a good diet feeds not only your body well, it also feeds your mind well, because when you don’t treat your body well, right, it impacts the [00:26:00] mind. Alcohol is prime thing, right?

You drink alcohol the next day. Your mind doesn’t feel sharp. It’s in a brain fog. You feel sluggish. You feel tired. It’s a depressant, right? So it’s not going to make us feel mentally as good as if we didn’t drink at all. And if you look at the research being done on just the meals we select, there is so much research coming out and I want to highlight a great book because we know that Following a certain type of diet has really helped people who suffer from seizures.

Right. Following a certain diet in patients that suffer from seizures and have a seizure disorder has really mitigated and brought down the amount of seizures. A person has diet alone, more effective than many of the drugs we have for seizures out there and a book that just came out not too long ago called brain energy.

A revolutionary breakthrough and understanding mental health and improving treatment for [00:27:00] anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more that came out late 2022 by Christopher Palmer. Excellent book on how changing the diet is changing bipolar symptoms, changing OCD symptoms, changing all of these disorders that we think are disorders of the brain.

But now we’re thinking, wait, they might be disorders of the mitochondria because of how we’ve been fueling the body. And then the body’s not responding well. And hence, then it has mental manifestations that, Hey, I can’t tolerate or handle this kind of diet. And so changing the diet has really been shown to have a major impact on a lot of these mental disorders.

So if you have someone in your family that you love, or someone that suffers from. A mental health disorder. I strongly recommend you checking out that book. I’ve given it to some moms who have struggled with some of their children and they found [00:28:00] tremendous relief with just changing up the diet alone.

So I really wanted to emphasize that strategy for being epic. It is profound. And I don’t think enough of us really. Grasp that really pay attention and really study it. A lot of times we’re just looking for, Oh, what’s the diet that’s going to cause the most weight loss. Well, is that sustainable? Maybe you can do it and get the weight down, but does it stay off?

And then how are you staying metabolically healthy afterwards? Right. So it’s not just a quick fix. It’s not just, we’re going to do this meal plan and the style of eating for 30 days and call it quits. It’s like, no, really understanding how food is medicine so that I could set my body up for health years and decades to come.

Okay. So that’s number two. I think that is one of the biggest ones I wanted to emphasize on this podcast. Number three, when we move from meals to movement, [00:29:00] our bodies need it. Our brains need it. We need to move. We are not meant to be sitting at a computer at our desk all day long. We are not meant for the sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to low back pain. It leads to Hip flexors that don’t really stretch and move. It leads to limited range of motion. It leads to more chronic pain, more inflammation in the body. Right. And our muscles aren’t getting the workout that they’re designed to get. When we were younger out, Centuries ago, right?

Plowing the fields, walking around, forging for food. We were moving a lot. We were walking a lot. Sometimes we ran for our safety and our survival. Sometimes we ran cause we saw a berry tree and we’re excited for food. Right? So we had these like bursts of sprinting and then wandering the planes and then bursts of sprinting.

And that kept our bodies young, youthful, happy, and moving and healthy. So now, [00:30:00] you know, a lot of our jobs have turned to desk jobs or sitting in one place for a long, time. So looking at getting in movement. I will say some of the high achieving women that we have in the epic you community. They are so dedicated to their movement.

It is awesome. They’re posting about it and doing, you know, all kinds of workouts and fitness routines. And I love supporting them because I really want to support that epic. Person, the epic person who is doing all the good things for their health. So I know that they feel better when they get in movement.

We talk about women who are like at orange theory and they’re like crushing it with their scores. We have women talking about pole dancing and how they’re crushing it on the pole and they do a dance display and the music they’re putting towards it and how it makes them feel so strong to own that energy and own their body.

I’m doing some somatic based movements, which is feeling amazing in my body, right? Just that somatic movement, because you could get so [00:31:00] locked in your head and if you’re thinking all the time and not moving your body, guess what? Your body gets congested and it hangs on to gunk. Your head gets congested and it feels stuck and it hangs on to gunk.

So you’re more likely to hang on to limiting beliefs. You’re more likely to hang on to depressing thoughts. You’re more likely to just hang on to extra gunk, which. Your body wants to move and get that out, get that negative energy out, right? Thoughts are energy, get that out. So your body craves movement.

And I’m not saying you have to do it rigidly, routinely. If that doesn’t feel good to you, you can do somatic movements. You can do exercise snacks. We did that all the month of March. We were doing exercise snacks inside of the Epic U community. And it was just really good to get the body moving throughout.

The day, like it’s designed to move. It is not designed to stay stagnant. So if you want a mind that moves forward and doesn’t get stuck, you need a body that’s moving forward [00:32:00] and doesn’t get stuck, right? They are connected. So if one’s feeling stuck, try movement in the other area. If you’re stuck on something creatively, like, Oh, I want to write a book and I’m Just on this part.

And I can’t figure it out. Go for a walk. You hear many writers say, gosh, I busted through writer’s block. Once I went for a walk or I just saw my life differently. Once I went outside and got some fresh air or grounded and connected with the earth, all that movement, right? Just not staying stuck, but actually moving the body helps move the mind.

And one thing I want to point out is, as I’m noticing my body is aging, right? I’m getting up there in the years. My body is aging. It needs more tender, loving movement. It doesn’t need less. I may have been in my twenties and be able to hit the gym three times a week, maybe for a half hour, do a couple exercises and in a month, boom, I’d see the effects.

That’s not my body anymore. My body doesn’t respond that quickly. [00:33:00] Right. So I notice I need to fuel it differently, meaning with different food, I need to move it differently. If I want to see different body composition changes. And one of those is strength training. And I’m not the only person out there touting this and I’ve learned it from Dr.

Gabrielle Lyon. She’s amazing. Her book is amazing, but talking about really getting strength training in for women is critical as we age. Not just for body composition, not just to look good, but for all the other benefits strength training brings into our bodies. When we strength train ladies, we promote more mitochondrial growth.

That means we get way more energy. Our mitochondria are the energy factories of ourselves. And I want more mitochondria. I want more energy. I want to be able to keep up and not feel washed out as I grow old. Right? So I want that in my life. And so yes, body composition is important to me. I still want to keep all my [00:34:00] feminine curves for as long as I can, but just doing cardio over and over is not going to do it.

Not in this phase of my life in previous phases. Yes. So honor your body where it is. Be willing to adapt, be willing to change, be willing to pivot, right? That’s my word of the year. I keep coming back to it because I need to change in certain areas. And so I really want to be. Having a mindset of I pivot and I change to support my body, to support my epicness, to support my epic health.

All right. So moving on from meals, then we talked about movement. And now we’re going to talk about our mental status, our mindset. So you could call it mindset. Some people don’t like that word. I feel it’s a little overused and now misunderstood a bit because everybody thinks they should be happy all the time, which is not how I teach mindset work at all.

It’s impossible to be happy all the time unless you’re drugged out all the time. It’s just really hard to be happy all the time. Life happens. Disappointing [00:35:00] things happen. Read the news. If you read the news and you’re happy, I’m a little worried about you. Right? So, but having a good mental practice is key to keeping up a mental state that supports a proper emotional state.

And supports a proper physical state. So I think it’s pretty paramount that you need a good mental state, because when I see people not in a good mental state, I see them not in a good emotional state. And then I see them give up on their physical state. They don’t want to go to the gym. They don’t want to eat healthy.

They don’t care. They’re just like, I feel so crappy. , I’m so beside myself. I’m disgusted with myself. Right. That’s all coming from their mentation in the way that they are not taking care of their mental health. And so I think mental health is paramount. So if we don’t have our mental health, I’ve seen that [00:36:00] cripple people, right?

People who used to be runners and athletes, and they get into a mental spiral. And a lot of that goes by the wayside. A lot of them taking care of themselves goes by the wayside. They just want to sit on the couch and do nothing or crappy food or not contribute to the household in a positive way. So that is really sign of mental decay.

And so we want to prevent that, right? We want to have healthy cognition throughout our life so that we feel good so that we’re doing things for our body that helps our body feel good. And I feel that this is my sweet spot, right? When I’m coaching. Yes, I could give you the list of to do’s, but oftentimes that can fall flat.

If you’re not in the right mental state. So I’m very careful when I’m coaching a client, where are they mentally? Cause , if they’re not resonating mentally, no matter what action steps I give you, you won’t [00:37:00] do them. And I know that. So mentally, we’ve got to get you charged up. We’ve got to get you on.

A plateau where you can work from. And that is all cognition. So again, that’s my sweet spot. I love working with high achieving women, especially on their mental health, especially when they give up on themselves, especially when they give up on their goals, because it happens to all of us. It’s not just unique to high achieving women either.

However, high achieving women oftentimes are harder on themselves. I see and want more for themselves, which is not a bad thing. And sometimes they start feeling bad because they want this and they want that. It’s not a bad thing unless you’re getting it in malicious type of ways, but that’s not the women that I’m working with or that come to me.

They’re not wanting it for malicious ways or to be evil about it. There’s no evil intent at all. 

And that there are some days you feel mentally on strong sound, things are [00:38:00] going great. And then you may have some days where mentally you’re off. Like I’m just not firing at all on all cylinders. I’m not feeling my Epic self. I’m not feeling optimal. I’m kind of just checking the boxes. Right. So we want to work through that and see why that’s happening.

Right. And we give you tools so you can start doing these practices on your own. Sometimes I notice when I’m working with clients, especially in my one on one program, a lot of women will come to me when they’re just disgusted. They don’t want to join a group program. Cause they’re like, I’m so disgusted.

I’m just embarrassed to show up amongst others. And let me tell you, Hey, we have embarrassing days inside of the Epic you community as well. Don’t worry. It’s not all happy, shiny in there, but I get it. So working with one on one clients, why have one client right now is just, she’s burnt out. We’ve tested her cortisol.

She’s in burnout. Of course, I understand now why she can’t get off the couch. She doesn’t want to cook. She wants to order out all the time. She can’t get [00:39:00] herself to the gym. She sees other people in her family motivated, which demotivates her because now she feels more pathetic. And so we got to correct the hormone imbalance going on.

We got to correct what’s going on. So mentally, she can come back online, start loving herself, start taking care of herself, start feeling like her epic self. High chronic stress. Ladies will take us down. Absolutely. We are very sensitive to it, especially as we go through perimenopause and menopause and just all the training I’ve been doing in this area.

I see that cortisol rises as we get into our late forties and fifties, and it continues to rise. So it is a menopausal symptom and it happens to all women. Now, how high it goes, right? That determines that’s individual per the woman, but we know across the board, cortisol levels go up as we head into our late forties into our fifties.[00:40:00] 

And so this is a phenomenon to look for, right? And this is something that some women may experience more of it depending on how much they’ve been pushing down on that gas pedal in their twenties and their thirties and their forties. And if it’s been on 10, go, go, go, go, go, go. Their adrenals. Might really feel that come the change that happens in perimenopause to menopause.

So I’m telling you that, cause I want to educate you like, Hey, that doesn’t mean you’re dysfunctional. That doesn’t mean you won’t come back online. We just have to make sure that we have the right tools in place so that we lower that chronic stress so that it’s easier to come back online. And so high burnout in certain types of professions.

Wow. Really there. And it’s not just in your head, ladies. It is biologic. So mental practices need to be in place, but not only that, we have to do stress lowering practices. We got to get that cortisol down. And that’s what I’m working on with one of the women one on one. Because [00:41:00] she really needs that in order for her to be able to support her body.

Otherwise . You just won’t make the good choices. And then you get so mad at yourself. I’m not eating right. I’m just doing takeout for convenience. And you got to really look at the hormones, look at how that’s affecting your health and how that’s also affecting your waistline. So, you know, your mental health leads to your emotional health.

If you don’t feel good in, you know, you feeling like something’s going lousy in the head or feeling crappy, we know that’s going to manifest into our emotions, which is the whole reason I wrote the setbacks manual for women. That free guide I talked about in last week’s episode, because women can be so hard on themselves and then they get derailed.

Well, I wanted a free tool that, Hey, try one of these seven strategies, put a couple of them together. Pick a few and see how they help you see if they get you back in the mental game, because without the mental game, like I said, [00:42:00] really hard to come back emotionally and physically. So in my experience, it’s really helpful to have tools so that you can come back on track mentally.

So check that out, that free guide. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it is on my new website and I love my new website. It looks so good. All right. So valuable tool. You want to have that. So you have some tools in your toolkit. If you, and when you,

With that, I want to point out one thing that I was teaching recently inside of EpicYou in the community is that make sure you don’t have this no failure fantasy, this no failure fallacy, right? Like, of course, you’re going to have some days where you’re not optimal. And that’s okay, right? That doesn’t mean you’re failing.

And also failure is part of life, right? Or not being at your a plus game every single day. That is a part of life. [00:43:00] So when women are such high achieving and they think, oh, I can do all the things and they set out their monthly goals and then some of the monthly goals, you know, or their daily habits as I’m doing right now, and I shared with the community, if I’m not meeting them every single day, okay.

That’s fine. I’m meeting a lot of them. And if I do 80 to 90 percent of them, that is a win. So I don’t look for perfection or this no failure fallacy, right? I know some days I won’t conquer each of , every single habit that I’ve outlined for this month for myself. I know that. And I’m okay with that because I know I’m still moving towards my goals and that feels amazing.

. Okay. Last but not least is the. Last tool, which is rest and recovery. This is the last ingredient I want to talk about because to live as your Epic self, you can’t be go, go, go all the time. You can’t be on, on, on, on, on all the time, right? And a lot of us that identify as high achieving, yes, we [00:44:00] want to be on, on, do all the things.

It’s fun. It’s fun to do this. It’s fun to do that. Fun to go there, do all the things, but our bodies require rest and recovery. And how do we know we need to sleep every single day? Right? We know we are not optimized. If we lack sleep, we get more hormonal and balances. We get more sugar cravings the next day.

We eat crappy the next day because we’re trying to stay awake or energize ourselves because our cells didn’t get enough rest and recovery. So sleep. Is a primary way to get rest, but there’s also so many other ways to get rest and recovery. So sleep is like the thing we do daily. Then you should also have weekly habits that you do that provide rest and recovery such as right.

Nobody should be working out seven days a week. Now, walking is not. Quote working out, right? It is a form of movement and it does count towards movement, but working out should not happen seven days a week because we will burn out and our cortisol levels will [00:45:00] rise and we’ll be gaining weight and we won’t understand why the body can’t do that much.

Right. So we need to do some recovery days, some yoga days, some stretching days, some light walking days, some zone two days, right? That’s the kind of balance our body requires to lower our cortisol. So we don’t gain weight. So we don’t have the ill effects of high cortisol levels. So we should be doing daily.

Rest and recovery, weekly rest and recovery. And I believe as a female on a monthly cycle, we should also have monthly rest and recovery because that is how our bodies have been designed. And so women, I firmly believe need a monthly rest and recovery regimen as well. And so these are the five essential ingredients for you to live an epic, you have your epic life and have your epic health. In fact, I carry around a water bottle that I had made for all the members inside of EpicYou community at the beginning of this year called EpicYou Epic Health, because it’s a visual [00:46:00] reminder for me, like, okay, you want to be epic today.

You want epic health. What are the ingredients that go into that? And so I hope this podcast episode has given you some tools to think about some strategies to implement into your life so you can live epically. All right, my friend, thank you for joining me and I’ll see you next week.


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