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Power. Confidence. Control. Create a life you LOVE again.

Drink Less Lifestyle is where you learn the tools and skills to have confidence and control around alcohol while creating a life you love.

The reason you feel powerless is because you lack certain skills.  When you learn the right skills, your struggle with alcohol ends. You become a woman who can take it or leave it with drinking.

Inside Drink Less Lifestyle, you’ll learn HOW to get your power back. This process not only changes your drinking habit, it changes your life.

In Drink Less Lifestyle, you’ll learn the skills on how to:

So many women tell me….

If this is you, I understand completely.

I used to be there too.  As a pharmacist, I knew all the statistics and that my drinking habit wasn’t healthy.  Yet, that never motivated me to stop or change my behavior.  Instead, I kept overdrinking.  And I couldn’t figure out why I kept doing it or how to cut back for good.

My goal wasn’t to give up alcohol completely. I didn’t want to count alcohol-free days for the rest of my life.  That seemed punishing and still giving alcohol power over me.  I didn’t want to avoid hanging out with people who drank or stop being social. What I wanted was to stop thinking about it and to be able to trust myself around alcohol again.  I wanted to not want it so much.  And I wanted it to be a non-issue in my life.

I learned how to do that.  Now, I can be around alcohol and not think about it.  I can have an occasional drink or 2 and stop because I’m satisfied.  I’ve reprogrammed my brain and so can you.

Drink Less Lifestyle teaches you HOW to make your drinking a non-issue.  You’ll learn the skills you need to stop the mental chatter, eliminate the habit, and find you don’t even want it. You’ll feel confident and in control if/when you decide to drink.

Getting back to a place where you trust yourself again feels healthy and AMAZING!

Drink Less Lifestyle

Roadmap to drink Less Lfiestyle
Drink Less Lifestyle is is a personalized coaching program that empowers you with skills to change your relationship with alcohol.  This program is TAILORED to what YOU need along the way.  There are 3 main steps to break the overdrinking habit.
  1. Identify why you drink
  2. Fix or eliminate the issues causing you to drink
  3. Learn the skills and tools that create the lifestyle you want to be living
We address any obstacles that come up along the way. By using skills and tools, you’ll be reprogramming your subconscious mind for a different relationship with alcohol. This works on the root cause of your drinking so you can be free to be the woman/wife/mom you desire to be. 

Inside Drink Less Lifestyle, you’ll learn how to END:

It’s all covered. You’ll be amazed when you find it’s EASY to turn down another glass. This will leave you feeling great in the moment and the next day.   And you can start achieving other goals you have wanted to go after.

Drink Less Lifestyle is not a “stop overdrinking” program. It’s so much more. This program up-levels your life by fixing problems, learning new tools and skills, developing self-confidence and self-trust again.   

This is a wellness and lifestyle program.

Is Drink Less Lifestyle right for you?

Drink Less Lifestyle is right for you if want to become a woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking AND develop skills and tools to improve not only your drinking, but your life.

This program is action-based and results-focused
We focus on taking actions that work.

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Learn how to be in your power, have fun, and create connection without needing a drink!

Cheers to that!

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Drink Less Lifestyle

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program teaches you how to identify the root causes of your drinking and how to solve those issues. You’ll learn how to love your life and feel better so that you won’t feel like you need a drink to relax or cope. It’s NOT about focusing on the drink by saying no, not buying it, or avoiding it altogether. Instead, you learn to take back your POWER. When you fix what’s not working, you’ll feel amazing. Plus, you’ll learn the skills to be confident and in control if and when you decide to drink. You’ll become a woman who can take it or leave it.

Yes. You’ll learn the tools on how to live a Drink Less Lifestyle, loving your life regardless if you drink or not. Many women choose to be someone who has 1 or 2 drinks and stops effortlessly because they’re satisfied. You’ll learn the tools to create your ideal relationship with alcohol.

Yes. This program is about so much more than the drinking!  It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and deciding how alcohol fits into that life for you. You’ll learn how to deal with stress and anxiety (and other emotions) in a healthy manner instead of going for the drink. You’ll learn effective coping mechanisms and tools that work.  You’ll learn how to eliminate urges, change your desire so you are satisfied with 1 drink or none, and how to be around others who drink – without caving into drinking. It’s not about avoiding people or alcohol.  It’s learning how to gain your self-trust around alcohol again through skills of confidence and control.

Overdrinking habits are solvable.  We don’t have to walk around with a label for the rest of our lives.  I help women get to the root cause of the problem, and once we solve it, the behavior of overdrinking disappears.  I believe that we overdrink because the brain doesn’t know other methods to deal with the underlying problem effectively.  We find effective ways to solve the root problem.  We look at where you want to go and what’s holding you back.  Fear is very common (social anxiety, fear of missing out, fear of not being fun anymore, fear of not being able to unwind, relax, or let loose, fear of failing, etc.) and there are healthy ways to deal with these real issues.  I believe every woman deserves to be empowered to live a life they love.

The group coaching calls happen at different times and on different days of the week to accommodate the women in all different times zones.  Generally, our calls have been at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Mondays and Wednesdays.  However, the call times are adjusted per the members in the program.  The schedule is sent to you upon signing up. Each call is recorded and posted so you can watch the replay.

The coaching calls are 1-hour in length and are held on Zoom. One person is coached by Dr. Sherry Price at a time. You can choose to be coached or just listen in.  The focus is on solving problems and creating results while celebrating wins. The environment is loving, supportive, and non-judgmental.  While these calls are 100% supportive, they are not about coming together to complain, tell stories of our past, or to wallow. We shed old patterns and behaviors and focus on creating new results.  This is a results-based program.

The charge comes up as Sherry Price Coaching on the statement.

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