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Breaking Habits

When you want to break an overdrinking habit, what do most of us do?


We focus on what we want to STOP doing.


We focus on the drink by


…saying we can’t have it

…making rules around it

…denying our cravings

…making it mean we suck if we can’t limit it

…getting mad at ourselves when we give in or go overboard


All of this is ineffective.


Ask yourself, “Has this worked for you?”

If the answer is no, then why keep trying again and again?


It’s wasting your time and energy.  And it’s keeping you stuck.


Because you’re focused on the wrong thing.


Drinking is an overdesire problem.


Fix your overdesire problem and the drinking goes away.


Clean up your inner self to stop the outer self behavior.


Simple – yes.


But breaking habits is not easy to do on your own.


Get a coach.

Get it done.

And solve the problem for good.

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