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Empowering Our Youth Around Alcohol

This week, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to The Miss Rancho Bernardo Scholarship Pageant contestants about tips on presentation, public speaking, and most importantly their public persona as school leaders and

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Cheers to Celebrations!

May is my birthday month! I enjoy birthday celebrations.  They are a beautiful reason to come together and a special time of connection. Typical celebrations include lots of food, plenty of desserts, and

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Choosing an Empowered Lifestyle

    The birth of a New Year brings forth new opportunities, rekindling the often promised commitment to change a habit or lifestyle that we know hinders any attempt to become the best

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Heading Into The Danger Zone

Originally Published in Discover Magazine 11/2020 It’s that time of year when we gather with friends, families, coworkers, networks, and communities to literally, “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”. Our culture is filled with

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Time to move on to podcasting

Time To Move On

There are points in your life when you feel it’s time to move on. Maybe you’re sick of your current path or maybe you just feel that you want a change. It was

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We Love Accomplishments

We Love Accomplishments!

There’s no denying it – we love accomplishments. Why?  Because the brain gets a hit of dopamine. It feels good and we like to feel good. Feeling good motivates us to “accomplish” more.

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I Have A Secret For You

Guess what? I’m super excited because I’m launching my podcast Drink Less Lifestyle this week! My message is that I firmly believe that for most people, drinking doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. This

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Woman surrounded by an orange and purple sunset

The Adult Pacifier

I often refer to alcohol as the adult pacifier. It’s like we can’t relax or turn off our minds without this method to self-soothe. Whether we are unhappy or stressed or bored or

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A garden path

The Third Option

Most of us are taught that if you have a drinking “issue”, you have to give it up completely in order to overcome it. Your options are then: 1.      Continue drinking (and we know

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Graphic shows desk with paper planner, computer, and coffee.

Breaking Habits

When you want to break an overdrinking habit, what do most of us do?   We focus on what we want to STOP doing.   We focus on the drink by   …saying

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Article by Dr. Sherry Price on the overdrinking habit cycle

Reinforcing the Habit Cycle

Are you feeling as if you are reinforcing the habit cycle of drinking?Yes, women have contributed more to the increase in drinking during these pandemic times.It’s how we’re dealing with our stress and

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