What To Do When You Feel Shame?

We are humans. And, by nature, humans are not perfect. Humans make mistakes. We do things that we wish we didn’t. This goes for every human. No exceptions. We get stuck in certain patterns of being and doing that we can’t seem to find the way out of. Like with our drinking. We can feel helpless. And powerless once we start drinking. We feel shameful about not being able to stop and about who we are. We compare ourselves to others who seem to have no problem with stopping. Our shame makes us feel like we are bad humans. It makes us feel diminished and unworthy.

Embracing self compassion moves us into a place of peace.

Hanging on to the shame does not allow us to embrace our humanness and make the necessary changes to move forward. Shame leads to more of the same behavior. Like a continued pattern of drinking. How do we then break the shame? With acceptance of it and with self compassion.

We can choose to accept that we are a human that has learned and practiced over-drinking. Then we can bring in self compassion for our trained behavior. Embracing self compassion moves us into a place of peace. We make peace with what is. Full acceptance and self compassion opens us up to move into taking action. Making a change. The behavior change will further enhance the new script of our brain. Your change journey may need to start with a hefty dose of self compassion.

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