Moving From “The Old” Into “The New” Self

Learning new skills as an adult is not the same as learning them as a child.  Once we get into adulthood, many of us operate from a fixed mindset.  We believe we have certain traits from years of labeling ourselves that way.  And we think these things are facts in life.  We don’t even question them.  We think we can’t change.  Or we give up on trying because of too many past failed attempts.  What you mentally rehearse and think about will be demonstrated in the way you physically behave, or act.  This, in turn, further enforces who you think you are neurologically.  Your thoughts, or mindset, remains fixed.  Fixed meaning stuck.  The way to start to change this is to try on new thoughts.

Start thinking in a new way and eventually you will begin to start behaving in a new way.

This is the shift I take my clients through.  Helping to identify with alcohol differently. We work on re-wiring their thoughts to where alcohol is not as attractive.  It is just a liquid substance.  We work on becoming into this new identity where alcohol is not needed, or wanted.

Start thinking in a new way and eventually you will begin to start behaving in a new way.

We clean up all the thinking that keeps us stuck in our drinking.  Change is always possible….if you believe it is so.  Think about your relationship with your drinking now.  Now, think about how you want that relationship to be.  Then, you must start practicing new beliefs regarding your drinking to get you to your new self.  You have to question your current beliefs.  And you need to see they are not facts that serve you.  The process sounds simple, but it isn’t always easy.  But isn’t the result so worth it?  I think so.

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