Dry January

Many people are taking to the challenge of “Dry January” – taking a month long break from alcohol.  Good Morning America featured some tips on how to be more successful with this challenge (you can google for them if interested).  I enjoyed watching this 5-minute video from Dr. Jennifer Ashton (from last year) talking about going dry from her “moderate” drinking behavior. (see video here) The definition of moderate drinker may surprise you.  We all know there are soooo many benefits to cutting back our intake of alcohol (healthier skin, better sleep, less anxiety and depression, weight loss, reduced cancer risk, etc.).

Great, so then what IS stopping you from making the decision to cut back?

I hear from so many of my clients that it is “my reward” at the end of the day.

Are you prioritizing your “reward” over your health and well-being?

That may be a question to ponder.  Best wishes to those of you actively going dry or cutting back this month.  You are a great role model for the rest of society who is waiting for the right time or right type of motivation to come along.

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