Surround Yourself With People You Love

We, as humans, like to be liked. We talk about the people we like, we want to hang out with people we like, and we “like” people and things on Facebook.  We often spend a lot of time trying to get people to like us.  We may try and say the right thing at the right time, we may agree with people when we don’t really agree with them, and we may spend time doing things for others for their approval.  In fact, the less we feel we are liked, the more we may try to get people to like us. It can be so subtle that we don’t even realize we are doing it.  We may put pressure on ourselves, particularly around the holidays, to make others happy by doing more, giving more, agreeing more, spending more, and so on. We may act the way we think others want us to act and behave. The truth is, people will probably like us just fine even if we aren’t trying.

But the question really should be: Are we considering whether we even like the people we are trying to win over?  We may be so caught up in being liked that we never ask ourselves our own opinion about that person.

When we aren’t giving ourselves enough love and approval, we look outside ourselves to get it.

Somewhere along the way, we lose our own opinions. “Am I really hungry?” “Do I really want to be drinking?” We spend time with others because we feel liked by them but, we aren’t sure if we like them in return. Ask yourself, “What do you like about them?” If you say, “They are okay, I guess.”, then maybe you should consider who you are spending your time with. Are they people you really like? People that you look up to, respect, and love?

When we aren’t giving ourselves enough love and approval, we look outside ourselves to get it.

And when we get someone’s approval, we do whatever we can to keep getting their approval. Instead of asking, “Do they like me?”, I would suggest asking, “Do I like them?”  Fill your life with people who want the best for you, who love you just as you are, and who make your life better. They should make you laugh, cry, and genuinely feel alive. Be sure they are people you admire, love, and respect.

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