Authentic Living

We want to live an authentic life because it means we are connected to who we are and doing what we know to be true to ourselves. Merriam-Webster defines authentic as “true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” We are all on this planet for a predestined reason and living it out brings so much meaning. When we aren’t being true to our body and mind, we can feel internal restlessness or have a feeling that something is off. You are not aligned, and you can feel it. You do things you don’t want to be doing but can’t seem to figure out how to stop.

Who you are constantly changes as you age and have new experiences.  Maybe the alcohol you had in your 30’s didn’t bother you. You felt in control and it didn’t interfere with your life.  Now, it is different as you age, and your body can’t break it down and bounce back like it used to.  Or maybe you are acting in ways that don’t feel true to your 40-something self. Or maybe it never felt good to drink as much as you do.

Being authentic means you have the freedom, courage, and emotional maturity to make your own decisions and to stick by them.

The worse thing you can do is compare yourself to others.

Asking questions like “Why can’t I drink like so-and-so.” The answer doesn’t even matter so the question is pointless. You are not being authentic if you are trying to copy someone else’s style. (Wow, how does she keep drinking and keep her composure?)  You are not being authentic if you are following other people’s rules. (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Or, but you are on vacation!)  And you are not being authentic if you are doing something to people please. (Well, everyone else at the dinner table has a drink in front of them.)  Being authentic means you have the freedom, courage, and emotional maturity to make your own decisions and to stick by them.  No one can talk you into something you don’t want to do. It’s always your choice.

Very few people live an authentic life.  They choose staying stuck in emotional bondage or being people pleasers.  What’s holding you back from living your best authentic life? And are you ready to go and get it?

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