How To Manage Withdrawal

Here’s the thing. When you stop drinking, you create withdrawal.  This is true for people who just drink a few glasses of wine at night.  We create an emotional withdrawal because we are not feeding our conditioned programming.  We are not closing the loop on that neural pathway.  There is also the withdrawal from the massive dopamine release in the reward center of the brain.  We are not honoring how we programmed our brain, so we feel awful.  We feel that something went wrong.

The alcohol that is causing the withdrawal is what would also satisfy the withdrawal.

The problem seems to be the same as the solution.  In order to feel normal and not to feel withdrawal, you have to consume the exact substance that’s causing it.  And there’s the vicious cycle.  That’s why it feels so powerful to many people – because the very thing that causes the withdrawal also solves it.  It’s not you, it’s your conditioned brain.  It is not about your lack of willpower that you aren’t succeeding in the fight against stopping or cutting back. It is not that you are weak or damaged in some way.  It’s that your brain has become super-efficient and addicted to the effects of alcohol.  It brain has created a super deep neural pathway.

The brain learned that if we ingest this substance, we will get pleasure.  It’s a way to help us feel better in the moment.  It’s the conditioned brain.

In order to feel normal and not to feel withdrawal, you have to consume the exact substance that’s causing it.

The solution: You must re-condition your brain to not want alcohol.

The brain (and body) have been trained that drinking alcohol will make us feel good.  The brain seeks it.  We seek it for the immediate gratification that feels wonderful.  How to do that?  You need to feel the discomfort of the urge without answering it with alcohol.  This will feel very uncomfortable at first.  The brain needs time to be re-conditioned.  Once it learns that the cravings are not being answered with alcohol, the cravings will start to disappear.

I can help you manage this process. But only if you are serious about it.  And want change – for good.

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