I don’t want to discuss addiction from perspective of the DSM-V criteria on substance use disorder. Or per the CDC’s definition or AA’s definition.  Rather, I want to look at addiction for what it really is:  Addiction is a “feel good in the moment” solution – a solution to resolving a pain point.  It’s about the behavior and not the person.  Addiction can be to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, the Internet, checking our phones, etc.  We want to escape from something.

The pain can stem from awkwardness, loneliness, sadness, feeling unworthy, feeling like you don’t belong, or any other number of thoughts and emotions.  In short, our addictions make us feel better – temporarily.  They take the pain away, at least in part.  And when the addiction is causing compelling behaviors and negative consequences to show, it’s a warning to seek help.  And we know that any attempts at white-knuckling it will only sink you deeper and deeper into the addictive behavior.  The only way out is to submit yourself and seek out help.

Vulnerability is the path to freedom.

Addiction is a “feel good in the moment” solution – a solution to resolving a pain point.

Addiction is often a reflection of the environments and relationships around you.  Addiction is a pattern.  It is easy to live in an addictive and reactive state, triggered by a negative routine or environment. It has become most people’s default – reacting to emotions, texts, emails, or copying the social norms around us.  Addiction is becoming an epidemic.

Most people seek the path of least resistance.  Change is hard.  It’s uncomfortable.  But it is where the freedom lies.

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