The Marketing is Growing

Check out the picture with this post.  I took it from a magazine selling these door mats.  The marketing around alcohol is becoming more pervasive, clever, and “in vogue.”  Personalized glassware, funny memes, home decor, art work, napkins, and all kinds of other items touting about alcohol.  There is now a definition for “Wine Mom” per the Urban Dictionary, with blogs and Facebook groups for connection.  The memes are cute and funny (e.g. ‘Mommy’s Sippy Cup’) while many hit an emotional cord.  They let us know we can treat any problem or disappointment with our kids or husband with alcohol.  It is the answer to our pain points.  The great panacea.

The messaging around drinking is all about fun, bonding, relaxation and being care-free.

Ads for vacations, travel, country clubs, luxury class airline seats, dining, and anything “upscale”, usually contains a fancy cocktail or glass of wine.  It’s associated with the sophisticated and high-society.  And with hanging with the fellas at the bar or sporting event.  Or a ladies’ night.  Or it can add to that romantic evening date with your partner.  Powerful marketing.  These messages can get into our subconscious where we may be thinking that our drinking is normal.  Everyone else drinks this much.  I’m fine.

Be sure you are living your true, authentic self and honoring what is right for you.

Do You Want To Keep Going With The Grain?

Make sure you are making your own decisions about the quantity of alcohol you want for your life.  Don’t be seduced into the culture around us.  Make sure the actions you take are from your decisions and not what is marketed to be “normal.”

We know the brain loves the pleasure feeling from alcohol.  But be sure you are living your true, authentic self and honoring what is right for you.  It is good to check in with yourself from time to time.  Ask yourself the important questions. Are you okay with the amount of alcohol you consume on a daily/weekly basis?  Does this represent the person you want to be?  Can you give it up at any time?  Do you have a problem controlling it?  Do you want it in your life?

Many of us are not currently “addicted” but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cut back for other reasons.

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