Helping Women Live Their Empowered, Epic Life

Hello beautiful,
I’m Sherry.

For years, I had an overdrinking habit that kept my anxiety high and my inner critic raging.

Drinking was the way I’d soothe myself after a stressful day.

What was odd to me was that I had a life that looked perfect on the outside – I was running a successful company (RxPrep Inc), excelled in my career as a clinical pharmacist, had an amazing husband and daughter, and all the good things in life. But I felt empty.

What I wanted was to be a normal drinker – where I could have 1 drink and be done.  And not desire more.

Instead, I overdrank again and again. What made it even worse was I was over-snacking and eating more than I wanted.

I wanted to be healthy.  But I felt powerless, defeated, and disappointed in myself.

I hid it all from my family, friends and colleagues fearing what would happen to my relationships, my career, and my reputation.

All of which kept the habit more alive.

The thing is: I didn’t want to give up alcohol completely.

I wanted to drink less and with control. This would allow me to eat less, maintain a healthy weight, and live the life I wanted.

Once I stopped trying to fit in a mold defined by society around drinking, I discovered a balance that makes me happy, in control, and where I’m more confident.

I began the journey of living my truth, my life and creating it through small changes and tools that I’ve learned and created a practice with results that are life-changing.

Now I have the privilege and honor to help women live their best life inside EpicYOU

Together, we build healthy habits without deprivation.  All while living our best lives.

Give yourself permission to live the life YOU want.

Live Empowered. Live Elevated. Live as Your EpicYOU.

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