Master Your Mind & Habits to Live Your Epic Life!

EpicYOU teaches you how to create amazing results and achieve your goals in a non-judgmental, supportive, women-only community!  This is a place where you become a healthier, happier, and more EPIC version of you!

Whether you want to lose weight, drink less alcohol, increase your energy and confidence, or improve your relationships, it all starts with mastering YOU.

Take Control of Your Health and Habits!

Are you ready to create your EPIC self and life?

Take bold, value-aligned actions by tapping into your powerful inner wisdom so that you live as your most epic self.

- Dr. Sherry Price

The Two Most Powerful Tools - Your Mind and Your Habits

Take Back Control & Be More Epic in Your Life!

Step into a confident, vibrant, and more energized YOU.

Inside the EpicYOU Membership, you will:

Create Healthy,
Sustainable Habits
That Last

Master Your Resilient Mindset for Greater Effectiveness and to Achieve Your Goals

Elevate Your Energy and Vitality For Epic Living

When You Master Your Mind & Habits, You...

Take Control of Your Health and Habits Today!

Your value and self-worth do not come from how much you do for others. It comes from how you think and feel about yourself.

Your EpicYOU
Membership Includes:

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Elevate Your Epic Life Now!

EpicYOU is a supportive community program designed for high-achieving women who want to take their life to the next level so they can live as their most epic self! 

Discover how to implement the powerful tools I teach and take back control in any area of your life.

It’s time to create 


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